Career Fair

The SCJ Career Fair was hosted in Fulkerson inside Spratt Hall at Missouri Western State University on October 19, 2022 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Many businesses sat at different tables throughout the room for students to walk around throughout the event and talk to. 


The Society of Collegiate Journalists Career Fair, hosted by the Missouri Western State University Chapter of the Society for Collegiate Journalists, took place on the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 19, in the Fulkerson Center. This event was organized and planned by students from the Department of Communication. The SCJ Career Fair had eager, career-driven students interested in journalism and public relations attend the event.

The SCJ Career Fair had representatives from several local St. Joseph and Buchanan County businesses attend. The SCJ Career Fair was built and designed for students to talk one-on-one with these professionals to understand the opportunities and interests. Students also learned what to improve on in the future professionally. Along with these skills, students could network with these community members and see what the city of St. Joseph offers. The event allowed students to consider these businesses for post-graduation careers. 

Dr. Jerri Arnold-Cook, the Career Development Director, shared why these events are vital to host on campus for our students. 

“I think the very best way to interact professionally is to practice the skill,' Arnold-Cook said. "It is a skill approaching people you don’t know, not knowing what kinds of things to talk about. It is also a great opportunity for students to not just practice interacting professionally, but to meet people who are in professions they are interested in. It is absolutely a fantastic time to get answers to questions and start networking.”

Many students were grateful to attend the event, gained new skills, and improved their current skills through the SCJ Career Fair. Senior and Convergent Journalism and Public Relations student Katrina Zuelke attended the event on Wednesday. Zuelke shared what she received from attending the event and how it benefited her.

“I think it is important for students to know what their options are after Missouri Western," Zuelke said. "Learning more about what their field has to offer and maybe different things that they wouldn’t have thought about before. I learned more about remote job opportunities. I feel like that’s not the most traditional route that people think of when they think of a career after graduation, but now we have learned how to work from home with COVID. It is a good opportunity for many people.”

Zuelke prepared for the event by developing a website. She spoke about the process of creating her site and how the Career Fair helped her improve her project.

“We are working on our website in class, and that was really helpful just to get some feedback after talking to the professionals," Zuelke said. "I also reviewed my resume and printed it off so I would be prepared to talk to people and hand it out to businesses.”

Another student, Kendall Shank, an international studies student at Missouri Western, participated in the SCJ Career Fair. Shank also shared why she thinks these events are important and what she received from attending the event.

“It gives you contact with people outside of the school, like actual career fields and paths that you might be interested in that you don’t normally interact with," Shank said. "I realized there were more options out there for me to look into than what I had initially been pursuing. I discovered things to do with international studies that were outside of just working with exchange students but working for a company like zoom.”

These kinds of events do not only cater to the needs of specific degree departments, but also branch out the other students that can implement their studies specialties to different career fields, such as Shank, who is in a department far from the Department of Communication. 

The SCJ Career Fair was one of many events hosted on campus for students to have career opportunities and develop professional skills.

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