On April 26, the last Student Government Association Senate meeting was held and commenced with their committee reports.

Jashira Bolden, the Director of Student Involvement, shared in her report that the Griffon Hunt has begun and encourages students to begin searching for the griffons hidden around the campus. If found you can turn them in for a special prize on Thursday at 4 p.m. when the actual event takes place. Bolden feels this is a great way for students to get some fun in before finals.

In Nathan Scott's presidential report he shared that there were many important financial reforms to examine with phase 2 of the FOC report being ready and polished out.

“These are all really good changes that are going to support the student organizations and individuals and it's gonna be great.”

The first order of new business was a new organization Gentleman of Color that serves the purpose of creating a “spirit of care” and to provide mentoring of self discovery and a variety of other things. The organization has existed in the past but was disbanded following leadership graduating. The bill was passed unanimously.

The next piece of legislation examined senator payment of $250 for semester to each senator that is actively doing their required duties of attending meetings, passing bills and participating in the event. The bill received mixed reception with senators discussing problems with the bill and how it could be hard to determine who deserves to be actually paid and what form of accountability system could be put in place to make that decision. After multiple speeches of affirmation and negation Nathan Scott weighed in.

“Senators need to be held accountable, it's a problem that's plagued us for a very long time and it's a problem that needs to be addressed,” Scott said. “They come here out of their own good graces to support the university... Student senators don’t sometimes realize how influential they are and the tools they have at their disposal to make changes. The point is the senate is one of the most important factors on this campus.”

The bill was tabled for a later conversation to examine budgetary and other considerations to amend the bill.

The final bill reviewed the FOC reforms proposed by several senators focusing on RSO’s ability to utilize their resources. Director Peters shared that it would remove appropriation to students in the first two weeks of the semester to instead allow students to request supplies as they need. Previously RSO’s would get funding around $5,000 for whatever they wanted per term with the new reform making organizations request allocation as needed for events or projects. The bill passed unanimously as well.

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