Griffon 360

The meeting kicked off with senator member Connor Peters coordinating to set up a directorship application button on the Student Government Association website that will lead to the preliminary form to apply for e-board directorships under the elections tab. Peters also sent out a mass email to students regarding the applications that are due this Wednesday.

“Anyone who may be qualified or interested in this is a fantastic opportunity to get involved on campus,” Peters said.

In addition Peters tabled with fellow senators on April 7 in Blum Union handing out Griff masks to students passing by as well as giving shoutouts to athlete students for their hard work throughout the semester.

Jashira Bolden, Director of Student Involvement, has been working on the Griffon Hunt with an event proposal just put in and is currently solidifying the details. The Griffon Hunt is planned to be a giant easter egg hunt but with Griffons on campus on April 29.

“We're incorporating the RCO’s so that students are able to meet them and students can get prizes if they find the Griffon and just have a good time,” Bolden said. “I will have more information and everything available soon.”

Ariana Reed introduced the senate's guest speaker Emily Ludwig, Director of Recreational Services for Missouri Western and shared the outcomes of her talks with Hannah Piechowski about things she would like to launch this fall semester.

“This is what we are calling the Griffon 360 program. What this is is our new wellness initiative on campus,” Ludwig said. “What we were trying to do with the assistance of Dr. Melissa Mace and some other departments on campus is to really try to bring together this concept of holistic wellness and to make sure all students on campus are really feeling like they are supported through all of these different aspects of what it is to be well.”

Ludwig went on to ask senators how the Student Government Association would like to be involved. Senator Berry responded with the ideas of a drop box in the SGA office. Ludwig added it is a very developing program and that it is still open to student feedback and any new ideas. The senate continued brainstorming feedback such as RA’s or RSO’s being involved in giving out badges for involvement in the initiative. 

Moving forward in the meeting the senate discussed new business focusing on bills for the removal of Maria Mills, Nic Schultz, Jonathan Dishman and Jet Trimmer receiving a unanimous vote of approval for removal. Mickey Pulliam was also put up for removal due to attendance issues but was vouched for by President Scott as he believed that he had served the students well in his long career with the SGA leading to the senate voting no against the removal of Pulliam.

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