Missouri Western is home of many incredible and impressive students, Ethan Bennie being one of them. 


Ethan Bennie is a senior at Missouri Western majoring in Wildlife Conservation and Management. Bennie will be graduating this coming May. However, he will be slowing down anytime soon. Bennie has astounding plans upon graduation and already far and deep into achieving those goals. 


Bennie is also a foreign exchange student from South Africa. Many may ask him why he chose Missouri Western. Bennie stated that, “My older brother goes here as well so when he came over for schooling it helped to see that the university gave him a really good scholarship. The international people here are also  all really helpful and that is really nice. I also saw that the Wildlife Society had won international awards. It is also helpful to have the MDC [Missouri Department of Conservation] here on campus.” 


Bennie emphasized how much the conversation department being on campus stood out to him when looking at schools. 


“I think that is a big opportunity for students that are wanting to study that [wildlife].”


Bennie is the president of Wildlife Club at Missouri Western and has held that title for two years. Bennie shared what his duties include playing the role as president as well as the activities that Wildlife Club regularly participates in. 


“We do a lot of volunteer work with them, and a lot of invasive species management for tagging, butterfly tagging. We do whatever the Missouri Department of Conservation needs will help with. Same with the US Fish and Wildlife Service; if they need surveys done, if they need volunteers, if they need to clear out brush. We do everything.” 


Along with participating in these events regularly, Bennie assists and coordinates guest speakers to attend each weekly Wildlife Club meeting. Bennies explains his responsibilities as mainly contacting those guest speakers and scheduling work days for the students. 


Bennie is also the president of the Video Game Club at Missouri Western as well. With this title, he also is the treasure of the executive board at the Griffon ESports. He explained that his responsibilities for this are student interactions.


After graduation, Bennie has been looking at a few schools to attend to receive his PhD. Bennie plans to use his PhD to do research and then prioritize outreaches and education. Currently, Bennie hopes to attend school in Louisiana. He plans to achieve this goal of receiving his PhD by age 25. 


Outside of school, Bennie spends a lot of time with his fiance. Bennie and his fiance plan to marry next September in Arkansas. They met on campus and she is currently attending school here in the Nursing degree program. 


Bennie is nothing short of impressive and an asset to each organization that he is a part of on campus.


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