Nathan and Connor

Missouri Westerns Student Government Association has released the election results for 2021-2022 with Nathan Scott to serve as President and Connor Peters as Vice President as well as newly elected senators Artemii Udovenko, Caitlyn Thompson, Dawson Schmutzler, Brett Shanks, Charles Anderson and Johanna Martin.

Nathan Scott has served as the president of the Student Government Association this year and decided it felt right to run for reelection and serve another term.

“What really made me kind of decide to run again was just seeing the impact that we can have on students, and seeing, you know how much more work there still has to be done. You know, with COVID-19, the structural changes in the classroom and everything else there was kind of a lot of work,” Scott said. “I'm very proud of the things we accomplished and realizing you know, what we could accomplish because I mean we did some amazing things this year, and then seeing what we can do next year to impact Missouri Western not just for the students that year but for students many years in the future.”

Scott's plans for the next year focuses on rebuilding Missouri Western's culture and creating more student involvement.

 The stuff sponsored by the university and sponsored activities had been kind of put onto the back burner because we had to make sure that everyone's healthy and safe,” Scott said. “So, the main goal I have is rebuilding our culture, rebuilding our traditions, rebuilding our activities and making this an exciting place to be on campus.”

Connor Peters role was previously the public relations and marketing director putting him in charge of press releases, posting on twitter, and connection to students on a public base level. Peters explained the reasoning into his decision to run for vice president.

“Several factors were considered. I would say one of the big factors was the leadership of President Scott. He's helped me grow within my role as director of PR and marketing this year and I wanted to continue that development, and continue to interact with the student body in meaningful ways,” Peters said. “Another big one is the fact that I just really enjoy interacting with, with people here on campus, whether it's students or staff and faculty. So that was a huge factor in me wanting to continue serving SGA within a different role.”

For those who are unfamiliar with his work, Peters claimed that he is the kind of person that will always work hard and do what is best for the Campus.

“If there is a task that needs to be done if there's something, especially a need of the student body that needs to be addressed, I will not quit working until that need is satisfied. So, I think that would be another big reason that I ran with the President as his running mate, I'm an extremely hard worker.”

With old members returning in their roles and new members stepping up in the Student Government Association, the organization will continue to work hard to serve the university and its students.

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