SGA Elections

The purpose of the Student Government Association is to be the voice of the student body here at Missouri Western State University. The Student Government Association serves as a model government through the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. 

Nathan Scott is the current president for the SGA. 

“I didn't have full intention to run again unless I did the work that justified me for another term," Scott said. "I think that as president and with the great team that I've had, we've done a lot of great work for the students and we've done a lot of things that are beneficial.” 

Scott explained that there are still a lot of goals and much too accomplish, but there has also been a lot that has been accomplished over the past year.

“New and upgraded spaces are important for students, this will get us engaged in having a fun exciting campus for student life,” Scott said. “We need to rebuild and grow past where we were before and that's going to take someone who works really hard to do that.” 

The SGA is a great place to learn leadership skills and boost resumes right here at the university. Scott explained the timeline of the upcoming election.

“There is an official election calendar policy, primary campaign is March 1-11, primary election is March 10 and 11 and then general election is March 31 through April 1.”  

Chief Justice and Election Commissioner Josiah Schmedding is the person to contact for more information about SGA elections.

“Students declare their candidacy either for President, Vice President or for Senate on the SGA website and submit themselves to the election process,” Scmedding said. The election process is currently underway under the calendar approved by the Senate.”

The goal of the SGA is to work hard for the students and accomplish goals that are made in campaigns.

“I'd really like to see more students get involved in student government,” Schemdding said. "While SGA does not run the school, it has a lot of ability to advocate for students' issues in a much more rigorous manner when more students are invested.”

Sophomore Madison Brady is an athlete at Missouri Western who is potentially interested in  the SGA.

“I don't know anything about the student government association but I was part of the national honor society and student council in high school,” Brady said. “I play lacrosse here at Missouri Western and was taught that it’s important to be involved in activities at an early age.”

Students do not have to join SGA to get involved. Giving feedback by speaking to representatives or at meetings helps inform SGA about problems that students are having. Scott went on to explain that student involvement is more important now than ever.

“This past year has been challenging. I think that Missouri Western is on the right track even with the news of being in a deficit as a university,” Scott said.  "Students should get involved in SGA because it gives you a lot of opportunities to grow and succeed.”

Students need to look towards the future and electing the right leadership in the student government will help ensure it's a good future.

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