With the halfway mark of the semester right around the corner and many senate meetings already under their belts, the SGA started off the week strong. In Blum 220, 6:30 pm on October 4, six senators were appointed to the SGA. 

Kailynn Denson, Emma Donaldson, Dasia Stalder, Maya Simms, Jordan Miller, Eli Trimmer were all accepted unanimously by the SGA and look to bring promising new vigor and passion to MWSU’s student leadership team. 

One new appointee, Maya Simms, explains how, “Some leading factors while deciding to run for a senator position was how much of a change I wanted to bring to our campus. Growing up I always wanted to be involved in government so I [felt] like SGA would be a great start.”

The new team of senators uphold the SGA’s mission statement, which states, “The Student Government Association (SGA) at Missouri Western is committed to being an advocate for the student body, enhancing campus life and promoting the image of the University. SGA holds itself to the highest standards of: Service, Enthusiasm, Respect, Quality, Freedom, and Courage. We lead with integrity, listening to the students and serving Missouri Western State University.”

Senator Simms reinforces this pledge by admitting, “I hope to make this campus more United in the future.” Simms proceeds to divulge that if she could go back and give herself one piece of advice before joining the SGA, she would tell herself “to not be afraid to speak up.” 

The change does have to end there however. For students looking to make a difference and be heard on their campus, the SGA is still looking for more dedicated members and actively seeking a Director of Public Relations and Marketing. President Nathan Scott breaks down some of the qualifications for students looking to secure this position. 

Scott informs students that “This is a student leadership opportunity meant to grow your skills as an individual while working with the team to advance the goals of SGA in supporting students. We are looking for hard-working and talented individuals who are interested.” He concludes by exhorting students to reach out to him with any questions they may have. 

While the middle of the semester often brings fatigue and the beginning of academic burnout, the SGA remains strong and charges headlong into the rest of the semester with renewed enthusiasm, backed by their newly appointed team of senators.

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