Connor Peters

On Monday, Sep. 27, the Student Government Association drew up two new bills in hopes to appoint two new members to its ranks. Following a previous semester of low recruitment, the SGA is hoping to once again raise its numbers.

Senate Bills #FY22-11 and #FY22-12 talks about appointing Kailynn Denson and Emma Donaldson as new senators to the board. As author of the bills, Executive Vice President Conner Peters explained why he felt that they should both be appointed and approved.

“Both of these students expressed an eagerness to get involved in serving the student body and the Senate is the ultimate forum for this," Peters said. "They took the initiative to set up meetings with President (Nathan) Scott and myself and are clearly passionate about the prospect of joining SGA. We are actively seeking students with this mindset to join the Senate, and as a legislative body, the Senate is more representative of the student body with every appointment made.”

Peters also commented on past and current recruitment for new SGA members.

“President Scott and I were elected last spring, along with several senators," Peters said. "Shortly after, we interviewed and appointed the E-Board, which was approved by those elected senators. Throughout this fall, we have been appointing senators on a near-weekly basis. I expected this trend to continue over the length of the semester.”

Junior Emma Donaldson explained what peaked her interest in the SGA.

“I learned about SGA from a friend of mine who is one the E-Board," Donaldson said. "He sent me a random text one night and asked if I would do it. So, the third week of school I sent an email to Peters, met with President Scott, we discussed the position, and here I am. Honestly, I think that MWSU has so much to offer students and this is a great way to give back to the university that has helped shape me into who I am today. I am excited to be a part of an organization that really does work for the students to help make their experience better.”

Junior Kailynn Denson explained that witnessing the SGA at events around campus captured her attention.

“I learned about SGA through the various events they had on campus over the last few years," Denson said. "I applied because I heard that they had a judicial branch and I wanted to join them. If elected (as a) senator, I hope to help SGA and Missouri Western become more organized and efficient.”

The SGA also discussed the minutes from the Sept. 20 meeting. Within those minutes it was stated in the President's Report, that SGA is trying to recruit a Director of Public Relations and Marketing for the E-Board. Peters went into detail on the positions.

“The Director of Public Relations and Marketing positions are separate positions under the umbrella of the SGA E-Board," Peters said. "Although separate, the appointment to this position will need to be approved by the Senate like all other members of the E-Board. Currently, I am implementing strategies to recruit members of our talented student body to fill this position."

When asked what else SGA is planning for this semester, Peters said the following:

“Looking beyond homecoming and in regards to other events for this semester, SGA is working to support the great efforts of the Western Activities Council (WAC) as they engage student groups with interactive events,” Peters said. “Furthering the partnership between SGA and WAC is one of our priorities this fall. We are also dedicating much effort to the enablement of Registered Student Organizations as they seek to reorganize this semester and plan their own activities and events.”

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