Wellness Fair

Missouri Western holds the Student Wellness Fair each year. The purpose of the fair is to show students what resources they have on and off campus to reach their wellness goals. 


This year, the fair will look a little different. Emily Ludwig is the senior director of recreation services and is hosting this event. She explained she has big plans to get students involved. 


“We are focusing more on the utilization of the Griffon 360 model this year,” Ludwig said. “In the past, the Student Health Fair was very focused on traditional physical-based wellness. The way we've adjusted things this year, in order to look at the Griffin 360 model, which is the campus wellness initiative, we are trying to incorporate a lot more resources for students in all areas of wellness. So they'll see some different vendors this year, but we're excited to have DJ Nick back. It's going to be very energetic. It's going to be very fun. We're looking forward to it.”


The Student Wellness Fair will be interactive, and there will be many opportunities for students to engage and focus on personal wellness. Ryan Shultz is the recreation service programming coordinator and is excited for students to come to the fair and get active. 


“Students can expect to come out there, have a bunch of different tables set up, get some different information from businesses in town about how they can kind of stay up to date with their wellness and their health," Shultz said. "We also have different simulators that are going to be there. There will be craft simulators and impaired driving simulators to kind of test out some different activities there as well maybe have some corn hole setup, just kind of a wide range of activities going on. So it should be fun.” 


New students attending Missouri Western have a chance to come to see what the fair is like and how they can get connected in more activities. Molly Killion, a freshman, said this is her first year attending the fair.


“I am looking forward to attending the fair," Killion said. "I am only a freshman, so I don’t know what there is to do or what events to attend, or how to get involved with the school. I am excited to see what opportunities I have to improve my overall wellness and how I can be a better student.” 


The Student Wellness Fair will be in the Fulkerson Center on Wednesday, October 12, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. There will be free food, flu shots and free merchandise for all students in attendance. 

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