Transfer week for Missouri Western had many events.  They ranged from a movie night at Regal Theater and a vision board and ice cream social in Blum. 

Transfer week at Missouri Western might not be one of the most celebrated weeks on campus, but it is crucial to recognize transfer students. Missouri Western held various events to showcase its appreciation for transfer students. 

Zari Montgomery, a transfer, is a computer science major and volleyball player at Missouri Western. Montgomery talked about the difficult transition from one school to another.

“The most difficult part is since you are looking for a new school and you already have previous experience at another college," she said. “You become more picky because you start looking for things freshman year because you know what to expect and understand specifically what you're looking for.”

Evan Williams, another transfer student, is getting his MBA and is a grad student who plays football at Missouri Western. Williams expressed his overwhelming feelings regarding switching to a new school and the challenges that come with it.  

“Joining a new social circle all over again was tough," Williams said. “It’s like being a freshman all over again in that aspect. The uncertainty of what to expect for someone who’s passionate about performing well as a student and an athlete especially.”

Montgomery expressed the difficulty of coming to a new school with new teachers, especially in her computer science classes, which is a challenging field to enter. The comfort of knowing her professors one-on-one was something she felt was hard to let go of when she left Ottawa University.

“Athletically and academically, getting new teachers is a struggle," Montgomery said. “Having them not know you at all and not knowing what to expect for their tests, homework, as well as expectations in class is difficult. I would say athletically it was a struggle too because you are kind of starting back from the bottom again with a completely new team who doesn't know as well as a coach who doesn’t know what you’re capable of yet. Transferring is pretty much starting from the bottom all over again and proving yourself.”

To celebrate transfer students, Missouri Western held events such as movie night, transfer takeover in Blum Union and even a vision board and ice cream social for transfer students.  

Williams talked about the inclusivity Missouri Western gave as a transfer student.  

“Missouri Western has been really welcoming," Williams said. "Everyone from the international office to my coaches and professors have all been very considerate of the challenges we face as transfers.”

Montgomery said transfer week is an occasion she holds dear to her heart as it recognizes students like her. She said she read about it through email and hoped to make one of the events Missouri Western put on.  

“I actually knew about transfer week, but given my busy schedule as an athlete, I was unable to make time to go and participate, but I did really like how Missouri Western made it a point to emphasize transfers," Montgomery said. "Whether you’re a regular student or an athlete, transferring is difficult, but having a whole week dedicated to transfers is really needed. I also feel like it is a great place to meet other transfer students going through the same thing.”

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