Missouri Western students

The fall semester of 2021 is well underway, and students are once again beginning to get back into the swing of things. From first-year students to seniors, students go to classes and complete homework assignments. With the university changing, whether from the pandemic, staff changes, or financial reasons, students are trying to make the best of their time working toward their future careers.

Josh Pohl is a senior at Missouri Western and is majoring in convergent journalism with a minor in strategic communication. Pohl explained that he has a semester with chaos, from instructors changing classes, to balancing a new internship and lots of homework from his classes. However, despite some craziness here and there, Pohl feels that he is still learning the concepts and lessons he needs to and enjoys most of his classes.

"So far, my favorite class would have to be Griffon Media or Web Design as they are very hands-on doing projects rather than tons of homework every day," Pohl said. "I've had a great semester; it's been really crazy balancing an internship and classes, but it's all been fun work so far, so I don't mind. I'm excited to see what the rest of the semester brings."

Samuel Bauman is a freshman majoring in recreation and team sports management at Western. Bauman explained that to his knowledge, his major has been relatively unaffected by the changes going on around the university. He has had many major-specific classes he already finds very interesting and fun. However, one thing surprised him the most out of the many things that Bauman has experienced while in college. 

"Honestly, the best surprise I have had is how easy it is to balance my school and work-life, and that I have time to do all the homework I am assigned and not fall behind," Bauman said. "My favorite class so far has been Recreation and Sports Management. The professor is awesome and keeps the class interactive and interesting."

Jake Pohl is a senior at Western and is majoring in psychology. Many of his professors have moved to new classes, and it has been a learning experience for everyone. So far, he hasn't had as much homework as the professors are learning to handle the pressure and stress of teaching new classes. Out of the number of classes he is taking. Jake has found a favorite. 

"So far, Psych 303 (psychology research team) has been my favorite class even with only six people in the class," Jake said. “The only downside to this year is that I haven't seen Max the Griffon around campus yet which is a big letdown."

This semester’s students, new and old alike, find their footing as they work their way through balancing homework, jobs, internships and having fun. This’ll make for another great year and time at Missouri Western.

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