This week, MoWest Elite Cheer Team celebrated their founders week with a week of festivities for the campus of Missouri Western and the community of St. Joseph. Earlier this week on Thursday afternoon, the Team put on a Soul Circus event for the campus as well as a fashion show.

"The Soul Circus" made its grand entrance to campus with their first annual event. The event included obstacle courses, snow cones, cotton candy, a dunk tank, a giant connect four game, performances and more. 

Secretary of the cheer team, Kennedi Reid, shared the work put into making the event happen.

“With great success comes great challenges, the planning behind our events may have come with its obstacles, but the turn out from our events made it all so worth it.”

Mowest Elite Cheer Team is a Stomp 'n' Shake cheerleading team that first made its appearance to Missouri Western in 2020. Stomp 'n' Shake is urban cheerleading created in the late 1970s, with the new style emerging in North Carolina and Virginia. This African American originated style of cheerleading is called Stomp 'n' Shake. Stomp 'n' Shake cheerleaders have the same goals as “traditional cheerleaders” — to motivate their sports team and raise the enthusiasm of fans.

Ayanna Lyles attended and helped host the event. Lyles explained that the event was a great stress reliever for students.

“We wanted to put these events on to give us a chance to be a kid again before stressing about finals.”

Later in the evening, the Cheerleading team put on a "R.I.P the Runway" fashion show for the campus. The fashion show included over 20 models that consisted of Missouri Western students representing their own styles. The fashion show included three lines for the students. 

The first line was “StreetWear;” the second line was “Prim & Proper;” the third line was “Greek Line.” The third line shedded a light on Missouri Western D9, as they represented their fraternity/sorority. 

“The goal of the event was to give students a chance to bring out their flyest fits and show it to the campus,” Reid said. “This was our first time throwing a fashion show, so we had to put in more work due to the fact none of us had done something like this before.”

The team explained that they have intentions of making the events an annual tradition. We are new to the RSOs, so we’re trying to spread our mission to other students about who we are and what we stand for.

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