The Civil Bellas riding group has worked with the YWCA to create a “Women and Children First” donation drive. This drive is one among many charities that the Civil Bellas have helped organize.


The donation drive will be held between Feb. 7 and March 2. Items such as children's items, toiletries, playing cards and sleeping bags are encouraged for either pick-up or drop off at the YWCA.


The drive will support women and children through the YWCA who are transitioning from prior situations.


“A lot of people walk out of the situation with clothes on their back and nothing else,” Pebbles, president of the Civil Bellas, said. “Ultimately, we’re trying to get things because they have a little shop that’s internal that they can shop at.”


Taz, the sergeant of arms for the Civil Bellas, described the group as a sisterhood, where supporting women is their top priority. Pebbles introduced the Civil Bellas as the sister club to the Civil Savages, a male riding club in St. Joseph. The two groups' motivation lies in helping their community.


“They’re trying to raise funds for if there’s an individual or an organization that needs help,” said Pebbles. “It's kind of more so, I think, to change the perspective of a biker. A lot of biker organizations actually do a lot of fundraising and that’s their main objective.”


The Civil Bellas have worked with many charities since the organization started. 


“We have our own things,” said Pebbles. “We will do fundraising for that, we will organize that, we will help out with that. We met with some people and found out the YWCA was desperately in need of help so we tried to jump right on board.”


The Civil Bellas are also looking forward to future projects with the Sisters of Solace, a program for women to gain job experience and help build their resumes by making and selling candles.


“It’s basically a year-long transition process.” said Barbie, the Secretary Treasurer for the Civil Bellas. “You need to have some sort of experience so she (the owner) started this candle making business for the women so that they could get experience and knowledge under their belts for when they transition.”


The two riding groups will host a Poker Run on April 22. At this event, riders will go to different locations and collect poker cards until they have a full set.


“At the end of the ride, there’s going to be vendors and 50/50 raffles, a silent auction and all that stuff,” said Barbie. “All that stuff is to raise money for different things that we’re doing throughout the year.”

For more information on how to help, email or find the group, along with their brother group, on Facebook under the Civil Bellas and the Civil Savages.

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