The Student Government Association is always looking for new ways to help and improve the student lives here on campus. Now they are working on opening a new room in upstairs Blum that will eventually be open 24/7 with free ice cream and soda for those that come.

On our campus, we have a lack of areas for students to hang out and work. The future hangout spot is in the renovation process and will be built with a multicultural education theme. When the room is more established, there are plans for monthly themes. The room itself is not finished, but students are still welcome inside.

Diversity and Inclusion Director, George Hudson, who works in the Center for Student Involvement, explained that the room's commodities have already been a big hit so far.

"In two days, we have run through the soda and ice cream," Hudson said. "We just might have to get a bigger fridge."

The SGA is funding for the food and beverages, which includes buying plenty of Mott's fruit snacks, Blue Ribbon ice cream, soda, Pure Leaf teas, Jello, Uncrustables, Propel, and many more. They know that progression comes from student involvement, even if it's many kids meeting up and eating free food.

There are concerns about the room eventually being open 24/7, but there is faith in the students that they won't steal or vandalize anything. However, there are always cameras outside of the room, along with the police department right around the corner. They do plan to tighten security around that area so students can feel more at ease. Offices attached to the room will lock at night. If something wrong does happen, then staff will consult the student policy regarding the topic. 

The room has three circular tables, a massive work table, computers, a printer, arts and crafts supplies, a couch area with a TV which will mainly be used for gaming and watching movies or shows, and plenty of outlets. In addition, there are plans for an information rack containing flyers of information about all the organizations that we have on campus. There are also plans for the wall in the room to have "We are Missouri Western" painted on it, along with circles that have QR codes on them, so when scanned, they will direct you to an information site on whichever organization's QR code that you scanned.

There will be plans for an event once a week and many other surprises in store for those who go and check out the hangout. For more things to happen, they have to get more approval from the center, but as long as students are on board to help, then it shouldn't be too difficult. They also play music in the room every day. 

The Student Government Association and Student Activity center work very hard together to feel comfortable being away from home and give us more opportunities to bond and grow as a student body.

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