Greg Hatten

On June 14 Missouri Western State University professors and faculty met for a social media workshop to teach techniques for furthering activity and the reach of the university’s social media presence.

The workshop began with Greg Hatten, a branding and marketing expert that was hired earlier this year to rebrand the university. In Hattens presentation he discussed that showing students all the hands-on experiences they can only receive in person is a key factor for professors to capture people's attention to posts.

“The reason you don't want to stay home and do correspondence work is because you want to come here.. that's the deal, that's the engagement that we have on campus,” Hatten said. “So that became our theme for faculty is how do you expand your audience, break out of your brick wall classroom and show people what you're doing, just take pictures of a whiteboard where you're teaching something cool and then post it, people find that stuff, very interesting but you guys are the enablers as well you have access to those tools, you. You are the frontline for us.”

Digital Marketing Coordinator Nick McCutcheon monitors the university's social media accounts as well as advertising statistics. In his presentation McCutcheon shared the importance of sharing and creating posts that not only reaches students but that get shared to their parents and friends and so on. In addition McCutcheon gave an update on the statistics of the university's social media standing since the previous workshop.

“We delivered the same kind of talk to faculty in the two weeks immediately following that workshop, our brand awareness for the university went up 186% on social media. That's averaged out for some platforms, it was three or 400% for that individual platform,” McCutcheon said. “So we know this works and if you brand awareness numbers on social media, that takes into account how many people are sharing your content, how many people are mentioning you etc so that's, that's not just us, you know that proves to us that other people are getting involved in and pumping us up.”

In the workshop Griff Notes was unveiled which is a document compiling different tactics,guidelines, and advice on maximizing the use of social media for each professor and university page. 

Associate Professor of Communications Dr.Jennifer Jackson, focused her portion of the workshop on the different uses of different social media in her presentation such as when to use hashtags and the importance of tagging accounts on Facebook.

“What I did over the first the spring semester when I started working with this group, I started talking to my students what drew them into a post that I was posting on the department's page, what got them more interested what the students said was, you know the way to be effectively engaging them, actually engaging potential students as well, is to see more of what they're doing. They want to see themselves,” Jackson said. “It's all about, you know, letting students see other students, letting students see the faculty in their everyday lives, but also not being afraid to let them see you on your individual accounts.

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