With the weather for December expected to be average, you can’t be feeling too bummed about not knowing if we’ll receive snow but you can definitely expect a long and joyous winter break.

Depending on what finals you have and whether you get them done on time then you can pack and get ready to leave campus but since finals will be going until December 16 the official end of the semester and beginning of winter break is December 19. So go knock those finals out of the park. The break will officially end on January 15 but that will be a Saturday. Since we have Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 17, which is a Monday campus will be closed and the official day that classes will begin will be January 18. Next semester will go all the way to May 10, 2022 but will surely fly by as fast as this one.

Saige is a freshman majoring in nursing and is looking forward to seeing her cousins that she hasn’t seen in five years over this winter break. She is looking forward to eating some classic pumpkin pie with her family. Saige is ready to play some monopoly and take everyone’s money. Honestly, She is really just excited to be out of school. At the start of the semester, Saige explained how she's been doing okay this semester  and despite skipping a few classes she thinks her finals will be okay. She is looking forward to a long break before the next semester. 

Victoria is also a freshman majoring in psychology and she is looking forward to sleeping a lot without interruptions . . . and seeing her family. She is very excited to eat deviled eggs but not excited to make them. Over the winter break she is ready to drink hot cocoa, playing video games and watch a lot of movies. With her free time over the break Tori would like to visit her grandmother’s grave. After a strong start to the semester Victoria felt that she is ready for it to end and to have a nice break over the winter.

While not everyone can return home over break with many athletes or student workers, the remaining winter break is a good time for everyone to relax, unwind and kick back with a hot mug of cocoa and watch movies. Whether you're going back home to family, sleeping the break away or staying on campus we hope you have a good break, easy finals and happy holidays.

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