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The Exit Exam. That mysterious box that exists on every Missouri Western student’s path to graduation. Just because we all have to take it doesn’t mean we know what it is. Most students have no idea what the exit exam is for, or why it's a requirement to take it. Is it even necessary, or is … READ MORE

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I should have been more specific when I asked for a vacation over the summer. I received a quarantine vacation for about a month thanks to COV… READ MORE

By: Zoe Jones It’s that time of the semester where everything is starting to fall. The leaves, the temperatures, the time with sunlight, attendance in class, mental health – the list goes on. I think sometimes people don’t take it seriously when college students start to talk about how their mental health is struggling at […] READ MORE

Missouri Western’s decision to not raise minimum wage for student workers has sparked controversy around campus.   The Human Resources Department sent out an email to a select amount of faculty members on Friday, Jan. 11 regarding the minimum wage increase that was passed by Proposition B. The message sent out stated, “With the recent passage […] READ MORE

People often ask, “Why did you join a sorority?” and while that’s a great question, I think the more important questions is, “Why did you stay in your sorority?” It’s easy to talk about the whirlwind of excitement that comes with becoming a new member. The part that takes longer to say is how the […] READ MORE

21st century women need to be proud of every aspect of who they are instead of ignoring their gifts so that they can fit a supposedly liberating mold. So much work has been done to change the mentality of what it means to be a woman. Thanks to many hard-working people, women being pregnant and barefoot […] READ MORE

For the most part, 21 is the age where a citizen in the United States gets the last of their privileges. That privilege is to purchase and consume alcohol legally should the person choose to. I believe that the age 21 is too old for a person to obtain alcohol. While the brain technically fully […] READ MORE

Being a police officer is a tough job. Officers have to wake up early or be at work at odd hours of the day. Officers also undergo extensive training both physical and mental. All the schooling in law and other requirements needed to become an officer are a lot to take on too. Police Officers […] READ MORE

Hello All, My hope is that you had a summer filled more with fun than with work. I know it went by faster than what many of us wanted, but here we are, so let’s make the best of it! I want you all to know that I am here for each and every one […] READ MORE

Whenever we go and apply for jobs, we receive the application and about in the middle or near the end we see the question “Have you committed any felonies?” or something along the lines of that. If you answered “yes” on it, then you have to put down what felonies you committed. Chances are Human […] READ MORE

Missouri Western adds new dining hall additions to the school to accommodate the incoming class of freshman. One of the new additions is Western has added a full functioning Starbucks. The store takes the spot where Java city used to be. By putting in Starbucks, Western in result has redecorated half of Blum Union to […] READ MORE

The outdoor and leisure activity store chain Dick’s Sporting Goods made an announcement on Feb. 28 that the company will stop selling AR-15’s at stores nationwide and the company also raised the age limit to buy a gun to 21. If AR-15s are taken away then people are going to go find other weapons that […] READ MORE

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Submitted by Josh Shorba The condition of American society can be summed up in two words. Double standards. We had a president named Obama who ordered tens of thousands of bombings all over the Middle East, who blocked refugees from Cuba and Iraq, who deported more illegal immigrants than any other president in history, drove […] READ MORE

I don’t think anyone has missed the campaign and hashtag #metoo that has gone worldwide in the last couple of weeks. But if you by any chance have missed it, this campaign is a way for women to share their stories about sexual assault and harassment on social media. It’s a way for the rest […] READ MORE

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As I hurried through HyVee last Friday, I grabbed a package of Oreos without thinking twice before heading to the check out. Once I got home, the happiness surrounding this package of heaven was soon shattered when I realized I had grabbed the single stuffed Oreos instead of double stuffed. This would probably be disappointing […] READ MORE

What are you looking forward to most about winter break? Ashley Filipelli Going back to Blaine Minnesota to celebrate Christmas with family.   Jordin Bryant I am looking forward to spent time with friends and family and not doing any homework. Jordin Bryant   Tobias Pointer Looking forward to the break we have from classes!! […] READ MORE

  What is your favorite Shakespeare play???   Daniel Cole I’m Familiar with several plays, but Romeo and Juliet are the one I know much detail about.                 Donald Pierre Hamlet,I liked it because a lot of people said that Lion King and Hamlet have a very similar […] READ MORE

What is your favorite thing about Fall Season? Taylor Diggs I’m excited to go to the park with the cooler weather and get in to the holiday season                 Taylor Enyeart Other than football game, I’m looking forward to drink hot chocolate and Pumpkin latte.       […] READ MORE

New policy allowing alcohol during tailgating?   Roshni Patel I think its a good policy from the campus, because beer and football kind of going together in American society.       Hardik Thaker I am in favor of drinking during tailgating as long as they keep it under control, because i don’t like being in […] READ MORE

Q: If money was no object, what would you do for spring-break? Jerrica Brown – Senior A: Oh my God I would go to Paris! Taylor McDaniel – Freshman A: I think I would go on a tour of South America. Taylor Mathias – Freshman A: I would go to Disney Land and meet Eeyore. Matt […] READ MORE

Q: How do you prepare for a big snow storm? Melissa Kaster – Sophmore A: We usually stock up, turn on the kerosene heater, and we cuddle up under the blankets. Steve Jones- Junior A: Make sure I am home before the storm hits. I pretty much have everything I need. Kember Wooten – Senior […] READ MORE

Question: Hard-disk drive containing thousands of student’s personal information temporarily out of MWSU possession, what is your reaction? Sean McConnell – Freshman A: “Didn’t really have a reaction to it (e-mail release), I just kind of glanced at it.” Trent Moss – Freshman A: “Pretty mad because if that’s my information out there that’s not […] READ MORE

Question: How would you feel if teachers could carry concealed weapons on campus? Aly Rinehart senior It feels like it might keep them safer and it might keep students safer. Colton Ridenour Junior I am pro-arming teachers to an extent; it makes it safer for students. Charity Everall junior I’m for it because they are […] READ MORE

Sarah Faubel, Sophomore  “My ususal New Years Resolution is to cut back on sweets,  but that doesn’t last long.” Bryan Miller, Junior  “My New Years Resolution is to travel more.”   Joyce Stevenson, Junior  “My New Years Resolution is to study more.” Tracy Whorton, Junior  “My New Years Resolution is to spend time with my […] READ MORE

Jessica Ralston, Senior ”                   “I would probably go sledding down Mount Everest!” Genevieve Stoops, Freshman                     “I would probably go to sleep and it would be peaceful.” Brett Keegan, Freshman                 […] READ MORE

Ali Howat, Freshman “Yes, to have time to study for midterms last week.” Summer Dunn, Sophomore “Yes, so we have a break and don’t stress out.” Parker Joslen, Freshman “Yes, because most Universities do.” Marisa Grayson, Freshman “Yes, it’s easier to focus after a small stress relieving break.” READ MORE

Jordan Chohon, Freshman   ” I am going as a boxer.” Matt Ulmer, Freshman ” I am going as Captain America for Halloween.” Tori Blevins, Freshman “I am going as Cat Woman.” Julie Barber, Sophomore “I am going as Amy Lee (musician).” READ MORE

Amanda Felice, Senior  “I have never had a problem with it.” Ashlyn Stevens, Freshman “Its very frustrating at times because its terrible.” Mitchell Swinford, Freshman “I rarely use it, but when I do, it’s really slow. It causes frustration.” Charles Thornton, Sophomore  “When I use it the WiFi has been pretty good to me.” Sam […] READ MORE

    The Griffon News went out to speak to students on where they were when the planes hit the Twin Towers in New York City. The students who were interviewed gave added detail on why it affected them as well. Click here to view the 9/11 Campus Voice interviews READ MORE

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As college students we could all benefit from saving a little extra cash.  Often we can only work a part-time job because of our lengthy schedules and homework.  This causes us to either have little or no money.  So why does Aramark charge us so much for their food? In 2009, Missouri Western Board of […] READ MORE

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As college students we could all benefit from saving a little extra cash.  Often we can only work a part-time job because of our lengthy sched… READ MORE