Being a police officer is a tough job. Officers have to wake up early or be at work at odd hours of the day. Officers also undergo extensive training both physical and mental.

All the schooling in law and other requirements needed to become an officer are a lot to take on too. Police Officers are hard workers that work hard to where they can be. Some officers if they stuck with it will continue to work their way up to higher ranks.

But it’s unfortunate because we see in the media, we see officers doing things that can be seen as bad in others eyes. But we don’t see what has led up to that moment most of the time. We see only the intense moments without seeing the “backstage” of what led up to that moment. This is bad because we see what the officer is doing which is probably what they are supposed to do in situations they trained for. We then think less of police and bash them for all the bad things they do rather than most of the good they do to the community.

Police Officers do good deeds to help out the community and protect the community. One can go onto Youtube and find videos of Officers helping out people and performing good deeds. For example, some departments may do charity or participate in intramurals in the community. My father who is a captain of the Hazelwood Police Department in Hazelwood, Missouri participates in intramural basketball, and people that play with him or against him all like him and don’t bash what he does for a living. Officers help out those that need it most or may do random acts of kindness because they feel that it’s right.

Of course I understand that there’s going to be a bad apple in law enforcement. But truth be told there’s going to be a bad apple wherever not just in law enforcement. For example, a owner of a company can embezzle the money and use for personal gain. So, the money that comes from consumers or investors is not going for a company but to the owner(s) for personal reasons.

A Police Officer puts their lives on the line every day when they go into work. They also put up with all the emergencies and other issues that may arise in a citizens life. Problems that even the public themselves can’t figure out on their own. We see a fight grow out in a public event and people will most likely take out their phones and just tape the fight rather than intervene and try to  handle the situation. Imagine how bad it could get if one of the persons fighting has something deadlier like a gun, knife. Is the person recording going to keep recording, interfere or just run away even though they could’ve done something. Honestly, if it weren’t for all the brave men and women around us, I think that serial killers, thieves, and other bad people out there would scare all the innocent people. Police Officers should be given more respect for what they do than to make it worse for what they do.

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