Let’s walk you through a morning for a student-athlete much like myself.

You drag yourself out of bed at 5 a.m. for 6 a.m. weights, after only getting a handful of hours of sleep because you were up late doing homework (an after-effect of your evening practice running long). 

After a grueling lift, you head to where you spend a good chunk of your time every day: Missouri Western’s cafeteria. 

I’m sure you’re expecting the worst at this point, but alas, things are beginning to turn in your favor. 

You step into the cafeteria and look longingly at the center with the griddle, locking eyes on the one thing that makes every morning worth it: the omelette bar. 

It’s like angels are singing as a beautiful white glow shines on where the eggs are being lovingly folded into beautiful squares. With a slight smile on your face, you know everything is going to be okay, because the omelette bar is there for you. The one constant in your life, the silver lining, the light in the darkness. 

Now, imagine this wonderful thing being ripped away from you. 

This is my reality in the wake of COVID-19. It isn’t just me, though, as I know the omelette bar touched the hearts of many, many students at Missouri Western, not even just the athletes. The omelette bar was laid to rest in the fall semester of this year, and there has been sadness ever since.

My teammates and I on the volleyball team have tried asking multiple times for the omelette bar to be implemented again with regards to COVID-19 guidelines, and there’s no doubt it could most definitely be done. 

The answer we’re told time after time is that the line for the omelette bar would be a COVID-19 hazard. My rebuttal to this is always explaining that the mongolian grill section for dinner uses a number system which leaves no need for a line. Not only that, but the salad bar constantly has a line. 

So, tell me, what is the real reason we can’t get the omelette bar back? Couldn’t we use a number system or another modified way of getting students their beloved omelettes? 

The amount of joy these egg squares bring to my life is uncanny, but if you’ve ever eaten one early in the morning (especially after a hard workout), you’ll understand what I mean. 

Unfortunately for me, since I’m graduating this spring, if the omelette bar is brought back, I will not be able to experience its greatness ever again. But, for my fellow omelette bar lovers, it would be a historic win. 

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