Gun control now. This simple phrase immediately fires people into partisan corners, boxing gloves at the ready. Between Sandy Hook, El Paso, Columbine and so many others, it is not unreasonable to long for these events to never have the possibility of happening again, at least not upfront. H… READ MORE

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With the start of a new school year, many college students may consider joining a sorority or fraternity on campus. Getting involved on campus… READ MORE

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“Because the Court’s failure to act rewards tactics designed to avoid judicial review and inflicts significant harm on the applicants and on w… READ MORE

What do cars, alcohol, marriage licenses, spray paint, guns and loans have in common? Proof of identification (ID) is required to purchase or … READ MORE

Our nation has become obsessed with the idea of victimhood. Through the weaponization of race, our culture is continually finding new ways to … READ MORE

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"Let me just point out. We have never made it through an animal study successfully for this type of virus. We have never done this in humans b… READ MORE

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If you get the chance, always take the opportunity to bottle feed a calf. It might just become your best friend and you definitely will have f… READ MORE

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Imagine this: it’s Sunday, the Chiefs just lost the Super Bowl, there’s no more football and you don’t have a Valentine.  What do you do?  Tur… READ MORE

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My name is Chloe Earwood and I am a student athlete at Missouri Western.  I am a volleyball player and recently have had a run in with COVID-1… READ MORE

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Frantic loved ones, check. Wrinkled gown, check. The smell of freshly cut grass, check. Waking up to multiple missed “congratulations” texts, … READ MORE

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Note to self: Karma is real and karma will come after you when you share 46 memes about the coronavirus on social media. READ MORE

By: Christian Sarna This weekend I took a trip to Crowder State Park in Trenton, Missouri, for a beginning backpacking class. We traipsed through mud and scampered over streams for a few hours before settling into camp. Though the class was small with less than 15 people, there were clear divisions in wilderness preparedness and […] READ MORE

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By: Christian Sarna Have an hour and 50 minutes to spare this week? Twelve years after its release, Disney Pixar film “Ratatouille” still tastes fresh out of the oven. Spoilers ahead. For those who haven’t seen it, “Ratatouille” follows the adventures of Remy, a French rat who dreams of one day becoming a chef. Remy […] READ MORE

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By: Christian Sarna We are living in an era in the United States where our exceptionalism stretches to being No. 1 in both incarceration rates and healthcare costs.  Caught in the center of these two issues is the legalization of medical marijuana. In a city facing a myriad of economic and public health concerns, why […] READ MORE

A bill that would allow students and teachers to carry firearms on campus has passed Missouri’s house vote 98-52 and is now up for a senate vote. While the house vote showed a significant favoring of one side, the legislation seems to be much more controversial on college campuses. Essentially, this is a continuation of […] READ MORE

The newspaper staff would like to applaud the university for handling the Make America Great Again hat video with such grace and communication. There was a lot of attention placed on Missouri Western due to the video, which lends to more scrutiny. Yet, Missouri Western held under the pressure in a composed way. Both the […] READ MORE

It has come to our attention that there is an issue among our students that seems to be more and more prevalent with each year. With broken hearts, we have become aware of the depressed state that an increasing number of students are finding themselves in. This issue became unignorable with the recent passing of […] READ MORE

From the 2018 midterm ballot, Proposition B was passed in the state of Missouri which was in favor of increasing minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2023. The proposition went into effect on Jan. 1, 2018, and jumped minimum wage from $7.85 to $8.60 an hour. However, Missouri Western announced that school employees will […] READ MORE

Marijuana Amendment 2 This is most similar to oth- er states’ medical marijuana policies. It allows the grow- ing of plants (up to 6) and the purchasing of marijuana (up to 4 ounces/month) at 24 au- thorized dispensaries. There is a 4 percent sales tax. This is the best measure by a wide margin and […] READ MORE

Missouri Western will be having its first search committee. The search committee will be in charge of finding the next president for Western as Dr. Robert Vartabedian takes his last school year as president. The search committee is comprised of the Board of Governors that has David Liechti, Al Purcell, Debbie Smith and Student Governor […] READ MORE

Brett Kavanaugh was supposed to be appointed for Supreme Court Justice. But, there was a hiccup for him. Four women have stepped out and accused Kavanaugh of having assaulted them. One women in particular that is gaining attention is Dr. Christine Blasy Ford. From Dr. Ford’s hearing she said that it was six people at […] READ MORE

Missouri Western is introducing “Griff Cards” to encourage students to come out and attend various events sponsored by the school. Each card has 30 punches on them of a the logo for Western. When a student gets all 30 punched, then they will be entered in a raffle at the end of the academic year […] READ MORE

Missouri Western’s enrollment rate has increased the past few years. Presuming the enrollment trend continues to rise, Western will become a sufficient university for prospective students to be educated at. Having a big enrollment has positives for the university. One of those positives is that it will put Western’s name out in the state of […] READ MORE

Dr. Robert Vartabedian has led a terrific career as the president of Missouri Western State University. Since Vartabedian has become president the Kansas City Chiefs use Western as their training camp during the summer months which has given Western’s name out to the community better than in the past.  The Chiefs presence at Western has […] READ MORE

Missouri Western adds new dining hall additions to the school to accommodate the incoming class of freshman. One of the new additions is Western has added a full functioning Starbucks. The store takes the spot where Java city used to be. By putting in Starbucks, Western in result has redecorated half of Blum Union to […] READ MORE

Missouri Western faculty and administration received an email from President Vartabedian that announced the retirement of not one, but two prominent figures on the university’s campus on on Friday, April 13, at 2:11 PM. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Jeanne Daffron and Dean of Professional Studies Kathleen O’Connor will both retire from Western […] READ MORE

Missouri lawmakers have recently pushed for a new bill that would allow guns essentially everywhere in the state. This new bill is being referred to as the “guns everywhere bill”. The bill focuses excessively on having gun access in places such as churches, amusement parks, bars and even daycares. With this bill under discussion in […] READ MORE

While closing campus three days last week may have thrown Missouri Western professors into a frenzy, we won’t pretend we didn’t enjoy the already much-needed vacation. We applaud Western’s administration on their concern for campus safety. Choosing to close that many days in a row hadn’t happened since the last significant ice storm in 2008. […] READ MORE

SGA’s protest against administrative power is founded upon strong principles that flow through previous political movements, both here in the United States and abroad. If successful in amending the constitution and bylaws the way they say they want to, it’s hard to imagine that future students and SGA members won’t look back fondly on this […] READ MORE

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After looking through the SSA budgets, it’s hard to know what to make of how SSA was spent last year overall. These funds were spent in a variety of ways. From events, to food, to printing, office supplies, postage and other items, student fees paid for it. Overall, one thing becomes clear: SSA needs more […] READ MORE

First thing’s first. Yay more parking spots on campus. It’s nice to see that more parking is being added by Popplewell. After all, as Missouri Western continues to grow, so should its parking lots. The fact that we are largely a commuter campus makes this even more of a necessity. But what is unfortunate is […] READ MORE

Dear Governor Greitens, We are writing to ask the question on the mind of every public college and university across the state: What the hell? We understand the need for budget cuts and that to balance the Missouri state deficit things had to change. However, we are a little curious why you chose to take […] READ MORE

It’s strange how controversial it is to simply sit down, but for whatever reason, it is. And when that controversy came to Missouri Western last week, the reaction to it was fumbled but ultimately recovered. And that recovery of the situation is the important thing. You see, when two students on the Mystics team took […] READ MORE

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Another school year has begun, which means new classes, new friends and, above all else, new opportunities. If you didn’t like the way last year went, felt like something was missing from your college experience or you’re just up for a new adventure, the new school year provides you with just the opportunity to change […] READ MORE

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Higher education is an investment. As students, it’s an investment in ourselves. It’s also an investment in the future. While investing in college, a lot of the financial burden gets placed on the backs of students, shackling them with debt that will take years and even decades to pay off. With this in mind, it’s […] READ MORE

These are some pages that I laid out and designed for the Griffon News. The first one is a Valentine’s Day-themed page about online dating. The second is one an opinions page that I laid out at the time of the 2016 Missouri Presidential Primary. We at the Griffon News stand by our reporting of […] READ MORE

The Student Government Association will vote Monday on the most important legislation they have had in over three years: a proposal that would disperse $1.5 million in student fee money to the majority of student services departments on campus. More than $900,000 of the money will be given to departments, with no current plan for […] READ MORE

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill visited Missouri Western on Tuesday, March 22. Didn’t know that? Well, you’re not alone. The vast majority of students at Western didn’t know that the Senator from Missouri came to their campus to discuss student loan debt. The event was pretty low-key, without any real publicity. The round table discussion consisted […] READ MORE

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On Tuesday night, Donald Trump won the Nevada Republican Caucus with 42 percent of the vote. This is yet another victory that puts Trump one step closer to becoming the Republican nominee for president. As of now, Trump has 67 delegates out of the 1,237 delegates required to get the party’s nomination. That may not […] READ MORE

When Antonin Scalia died on Saturday, Feb. 13, he went from being a Supreme Court Justice to a political football. In an election year like this, it was to be expected, where any issue can suddenly change the dynamics of the race, but that doesn’t make it right. Appointing a new Supreme Court Judge shouldn’t […] READ MORE

There are a ton of responsibilities that come with young adulthood. From paying bills, to moving out of our parents’ houses, to going to college, to finding love and a career path, it all seems like so much. While all of these are indeed the first steps into that awkward stage of early adulthood, there […] READ MORE

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There are a ton of responsibilities that come with young adulthood. From paying bills, to moving out of our parents’ houses, to going to colle… READ MORE

It’s quickly approaching that time of year again. Ah, yes, finals week. To our fellow students, we are all in the same boat. Suddenly, what felt like an eternity to raise that midterm grade is now two weeks and those deadlines for three projects are approaching at a high-rate of speed. And it sucks. A […] READ MORE

There has been a growing trend not only in St. Joseph, but also here on our own campus, crime. This is issue nine of the Griffon News and so far this semester, we have reported 36 crimes that have happened on campus including one sexual assault. So far this semester, we have reported 36 crimes […] READ MORE