Missouri lawmakers have recently pushed for a new bill that would allow guns essentially everywhere in the state. This new bill is being referred to as the “guns everywhere bill”.

The bill focuses excessively on having gun access in places such as churches, amusement parks, bars and even daycares. With this bill under discussion in Jefferson City, changes could be on the horizon on Missouri Western’s campus.

Director of External Relations Brandt Shields talked about the concerns of administration if this gun were to be passed.

“The University’s concern with the bill relates to the safety of our campus,” Shields said. “We as university administrators rely on our campus police department and others to tell us about how they would have an effect on the campus. What we have to continue to discuss is what is the safest way to handle these situations. What is the best way and the most effective way to keep our institution safe. I think this bill in a lot of ways starts a dialog but I don’t think it is the end all be all of what would make our institution safe.”

Assistant Professor of Political Science Dr. Edwin Taylor talked about the potential dangers of having guns on Western’s campus.

“While I respect the 2nd amendment and what it originally was meant to do, I think that it has become fundamentally misinterpreted and I think that allowing more guns in more places increases the possibility that bad things are going to happen,” Taylor said. “I think it’s a terrible idea especially in places like bars where other conditions that make things worse, where people’s judgment are already impaired.”

Missouri Western student Drew Sachen talked about why only certified people should have access to guns.

“I think guns would be bad in bars because people get drunk and do bad things,” Sachen said. “Guns also should not be on campus unless you are trained and sober. We should keep it to the professionals.”

Missouri Western student Tristan Allen talked about how guns are not bad in all cases but smart cases.

“I don’t think guns should be allowed everywhere, but certain people if they are qualified,” Allen said. “It can be easy to get a gun sometimes, but other times you may need those guns for protection or if you like to go hunting. I am from a small town so I like to hunt and you need guns for that.”

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