It’s quickly approaching that time of year again.

Ah, yes, finals week.

To our fellow students, we are all in the same boat.

Suddenly, what felt like an eternity to raise that midterm grade is now two weeks and those deadlines for three projects are approaching at a high-rate of speed.

And it sucks. A lot.

The majority of full-time students take anywhere from four to six classes per semester. Not to mention all of the students that take more than the average amount of credit hours.

So, that’s four to six classes to study for. And, depending on the type of final they have, whether it’s a project, cumulative test or a presentation, that workload becomes overwhelming for everyone.

Professors, stop overworking us. We get it, you have to have a certain amount of graded material every semester. But, it honestly feels like most of you are waiting until the last few weeks to really get in a majority of that work.

We all know there’s a way to make it so we don’t have four crossing deadlines in the same week.

We understand that we have to be able to follow deadlines and a large workload for our careers in the future. But, there’s a small chance we’re going to have to write a 15-page polysci research paper and put together a 10-minute COM104 presentation in our careers.

Help us help you. There are professors out there that will change the date of a big test if a majority of the class votes to move it. Give us options, let us work with you.

We don’t want to fail and we know you don’t want us to fail.



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