Harry Loomis

Sports Editor

Coming from a heavy sports city in St. Louis, MO, I always believed that if I was unable to play professional sports, my next best option would be to spend my life talking about them. It’s for that mentality that I will never forget Aug. 26 2019, a day an 18-year old kid, with no journalism experience and dreams of reporting on baseball, hockey, NASCAR or whatever life presented him, walked into Murphy 206 for the first time. That kid immediately walked up to the sports director and asked what he needed to do in order to be a sports reporter for Griffon News.

That newspaper has been home to him ever since.

Through the last eight semesters, I have seen Griffon Media evolve in ways nobody thought possible, from three separate entities to one, all working together. All throughout, I have been blessed to have my confidence fly through the roof thanks to the help of some of the best mentors I could’ve asked for. The likes of Dr. James Carviou, Zoe Jones, Brett Howery, Derek Zimmerman-Guyer, Morgan Doyle, Josh Pohl, Arianne Boma and so many others have created the culture of what it means to write for Griffon Media.

We have been very blessed for this opportunity to cover the news at such a great university, to talk to some of the most important people around and be the voice of the students, by the students and for the students. I, along with many others, wouldn’t be where I am today without this organization. From all the late Monday nights, to the freezing cold football games, to the interviews that fell through, to the friends made along the way, thank you Griffon Media. Thank you for taking an 18-year old kid and turning him into a journalist.

One last time, reporting for Griffon Media, I’m Harry Loomis.

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