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I should have been more specific when I asked for a vacation over the summer. I received a quarantine vacation for about a month thanks to COVID-19. Personally, I would not recommend it for individuals that are used to being busy.  READ MORE

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My name is Chloe Earwood and I am a student athlete at Missouri Western.  I am a volleyball player and recently have had a run in with COVID-1… READ MORE

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Universities are charging students hundreds of dollars for required textbooks, and students and faculty agree textbook prices are unreasonable. READ MORE

Dr. James Carviou I began this semester as the incoming adviser for the Griffon News. Under the leadership of EIC Zoë Jones, I had the privilege of watching the news staff form into a solid unit with one central goal of doing journalism that represents the interests of Missouri Western students. Jones rose to the occasion […] READ MORE

By: Lenora Stearns I am a senior in the social work program at Missouri Western. I am also a student worker in the Information Technology and Telephone Services office, which is my only source of income. On Nov. 8, I was told that after winter break I will no longer have a job. I am […] READ MORE

By: Zoë Jones My name is Zoë Jones, and I am so excited to be the Editor-in-Chief of the Griffon News this year.  I’m only a sophomore, but this fall marks my sixth year studying the different forms of journalism. I started my journalism career when I was a freshman in high school at Cameron […] READ MORE

By: Dr. James Carviou My name is Dr. James Carviou, and I am serving as the adviser for Griffon News this year. This comes after six years of advising experience with The Griffon, Missouri Western’s school yearbook. Ever since I can remember I have had an affinity for journalism and the power of storytelling. I […] READ MORE

The Great American Trailer Park Musical had their opening night tonight in the Potter Theatre to a large audience and had a great opening night. I will not spoil anything about the play, but the actors and actresses were very pleased with the opening night turnout and how the show went. Cole Kurcz played Duke, […] READ MORE

Every Missouri Western student who doesn’t live under a rock is aware that Western is the summer home of the Kansas City Chiefs. We have been for nine years now, including 2018. And, if the extension is agreed upon, 2019 will make it 10. While the camp may seem like a big deal (it is), […] READ MORE

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by Ida Haefner My fellow Griffons: What a whirlwind of an adventure this year has been as the voice for all of you! I can honestly say that I have grown as a student and as a person, and I have learned so much in this role that I was elected to serve. This year, […] READ MORE

Music—an everyday occurrence yet complex notion. Music permeates our culture, used as a means of communication, expression of emotion, and even a form of therapy. We hear it on the radio, driving to and from school or work. We hear it in the supermarket as we go aisle to aisle, scouring the shelves. But what […] READ MORE

Mary Beth Rosenauer, Bachelor of Music Education, Hometown: Savannah, MO, Student Senator, Campus Advancement Committee Chair, Founder of Western Appeal: MWSU a cappella group Sigma Alpha Iota Treasurer, National Association for Music Educators Treasurer, Missouri Girls State Counselor, St. Joseph Youth Alliance Board Member, Starbucks Barista When you announce your candidacy for SGA president, people […] READ MORE

My name is Katy Sisco and I am from a small town in Nebraska. I have lived on Missouri Western’s campus for three years. Throughout those three years, I have made friendships that helped me develop into the strong individual I am today. I am running for president to make a positive difference for the students […] READ MORE

There is a story that has hit headlines recently about a Missouri soldier who was killed by another soldier in an accidental shooting over a case of hiccups. Both soldiers Patrick Edward Myers of Spartanburg, S.C., and Isaac Lawrence Young of Ash Grove, Mo., were friends stationed at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas. They were […] READ MORE

At their October 16, 2012, meeting, the Governance Advisory Council recommended a new policy banning the use of tobacco products on the campus of Missouri Western State University. I signed the policy October 23, 2012. The new policy is below. The target date for implementation of the new policy is July 1, 2013. Missouri Western […] READ MORE

Argentina went through a period between 1976 and 1983 called the Dirty War where around 30,000 people “disappeared”. The fascist military government was involved in the kidnapping, torturing and killing of those that opposed them. University students were their favorite target. Many of those were picked up just because they had signed up to a […] READ MORE

Written by: Adam Hamby (Freshman) Since practically childbirth in America (especially in the Midwest), we’ve heard all of the wonderful things about Christianity and the Christian Religion.  In fact, from a young age, most of us have probably been indoctrinated into the religion and belief system, too small to even give our consent.  It’s no […] READ MORE

Politics today is nothing more than a fashion show where we choose the best candidate based on their appearance. The major candidates in the upcoming presidential election are not any different. After watching CNN, Fox News and any other news broadcast, it is apparent that the broadcasts care only about the facial expressions and body […] READ MORE

Most everybody knows the sweet fuzzy feeling a person gets from giving someone a present on Christmas. If for some reason you don’t know that feeling, or haven’t ever given a gift, try it out. There really is quite a special feeling you get inside when you see that warm joy on someone’s face when […] READ MORE

I write in response to the editorial by Matt Hunt published in the November 8th edition of the Griffon News regarding general education. Mr. Hunt’s comments reflect disdain for general studies requirements, and they also bring to light a now common perception about the purpose of higher education, specifically, that the only reason for earning […] READ MORE

Title: Nationwide hissy fit By: James A. Garrison The petitions for secession recently filed by all 50 states are nothing more than a nationwide foot stomping tirade; a tirade that produces nothing but an unproductive propaganda inducing rumor machine that will do zip to improve a single issue in the United States. Moreover, it is […] READ MORE

In today’s hyper tech world, one of the fastest moving modes of communication has come to rest on the shoulders of social media.  Websites like Twitter and Facebook and even Youtube are making information and first-hand accounts more accessible to the public, including news stations and newspapers. Worldwide news providers like CNN have started to […] READ MORE

“Seven semesters down, only three more to go,” is what I think to myself every day as I trudge down and then up the hill from the over-flow parking lot across from Spratt. Let’s face it people there is a definite parking problem on Missouri Western’s campus. Every fall semester since 2009, I have spent […] READ MORE

Admit it, we have all seen television shows or read about how women need to have the perfect body. We are all taught to love our bodies no matter what, but how are you supposed to do that when the media has a negative effect on women’s body type? There are so many people I […] READ MORE

There is a story that has hit headlines recently about a Missouri soldier who was killed by another soldier in an accidental shooting over a case of hiccups. Both soldiers Patrick Edward Myers of Spartanburg, South Carolina and Isaac Lawrence Young of Ash Grove, Missouri, were friends stationed at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas. They […] READ MORE

Having always been one to avoid politics and drama at every turn the recent news about the tobacco and alcohol policies have me concerned. It would appear to the average student that the School is purposely catering to outside sources while cracking down on the students who live here. For instance the smoking ban is […] READ MORE