Is College Needed?

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All my life, I've heard that you need a college degree to find success. Our parents hammer it into our skulls that we will be failures in life without a degree and have bad jobs. I agree that a college degree is essential in our lives and would benefit every person no matter where they come from and what they are dealing with. 

Money is a crucial factor for a college degree. How much can we earn with our degrees compared to people with no degree? A person who did not attend college and had a high school diploma on average makes $38,792 compared to those who have a college bachelor's degree who make $64,896. Nearly double the amount. While money is not the end-all-be-all in life, it is incredibly crucial for a person's life. We need to make sure we can live comfortably in life and be able to pay our bills and rent on time. You can't forget about groceries either and personal consumption too. Also, attending college and getting a degree during five years, 97.% of students have health insurance which is a bonus. 

Nearly three years longer. Additionally, college graduates live longer compared to those who don't hold a degree. A study found that out of a possible 50 years, college graduates tend to live on average 48.1 years compared to nondegree holders 45.1. Typically those without a degree tend to work more labor-intensive jobs, putting the body in more stress and physical harm where it tends to break down faster. Another study showed that because of these labor-intensive jobs, those without a degree tend to bite the bullet ten years earlier if pushed to the limit before 75.

Moving forward, college graduates are typically happier than those who simply hold a high school degree. 94% of college graduates find enjoyment in their life and feel so glad that they attended a university. Jeffrey Arnet is a developmental psychologist and a professor that teaches psychology at Clark University, and he's stated that education makes people happier and holds strong live values. "Education is probably more strongly correlated with future happiness," Arnett said. Adding on to happiness, it is proven that marriages tend to do better with a college degree than those who don’t have a degree.  78% of bachelor’s degrees can expect a union to last longer than 20 years compared to 40% of those who don’t have a degree. 

We also have to think of society's benefit of attending college. States with a high college enrollment rate tend to have lower violent crime rates (murder, assault, etc.") compared to states with a low college enrollment rate. Additionally, nearly 80% of incarcerated prisoners do not have a college degree and only have a high school degree or an equivalent GED. It shows that you're more likely to associate with individuals who tend to break the law without a college degree. You can bet your bottom that they will take you down with them and ruin your life without you knowing. 

situations that the average human could not handle. For example, would you want to fix copper and steel when they collide and start to infect the water or when there are mice bites and residue all over your pipes? That would call for the exterminator to do his job, which is another noncollege degree job. Could you handle dealing with rodents all day, every day, five days a week, for 8 hours for the next, say 40 years? Could you take the mental draining exercise that you would have to get your hands dirty? Probably not.

So get that college degree. A college degree isn’t just a piece of paper. It’s more than that you find yourself while in college, and what you want to do with your life is discovered during college. So sign up for classes, make friends and enjoy the atmosphere. It’ll be the best decision of your life.


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