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If all drugs were legalized then the world would be filled with more violence, overdoses, and deaths. More people would be doing drugs because they would know they did not have any consequences coming. What would stop if we legalized all drugs? 

Ann Landers explains how much cheaper drugs would be if they were legalized. This means for every one addict we have now we would have five more. At this point would society still function correctly? 

If drugs are so much cheaper now they will be more easily accessible. This will not only cause more legal users but younger users also. There will be more adults to get this legal drug from. 

If children are exposed to drugs at a young age and start using. This can affect their developing brains and the future of their lives. If they get addicted young they are already putting a delay on their future. 

If more kids get on these drugs so young then there will be fewer kids graduating from high school and even fewer going to post-secondary schooling. This could cause a job shortage for the next generation. 

Now that there are more adults and children using drugs what will the legal limit be? Will the government only sell so much to a person a week? Will they have unlimited use if they are at home? 

There also has to be a legal limit someone could take just like you have a legal limit you can drink before driving. Ann Landers explains that this will cause more violence because people are going to go out and do whatever they can to get more. Just because the government says that is enough does mean they will stop. 

How will the government know what is a good legal limit? The government is going to have a hard time figuring out how much of the drug people can be on but still function properly. There is not enough research on the effects of different drugs on everyday life. 

Many more questions come with legalizing drugs. Will employers now have to allow employees to do drugs? Can employees be at work under the influences? 

People believe that legalizing all drugs may be a good thing. People think that this will have a positive effect on our government. It also would make the government more money while they are spending less. This is entirely not true though.

The Institute for Behavior and Health explains the false hope that people have with legalizing all drugs. People think that the cities will need fewer police officers because the drug is legal now. In reality, they are going to need more officers, because this is going to result in more drug users and more crime. 

The Institute for Behavior and Health also explains that people think this will be more tax revenue. Assuming there are rules on getting the newly legalized drug people are going to go elsewhere for the drug. They are going to want the strongest version of it, which is most likely not what the government will be offering. 

S B Duke explains that one-third of inmates would not be in person if drugs were legalized. Even though people would not be in on drug charges, how many more inmates will be in prison for crime? People are not in their right mind when under the influence. 

Even though legalizing drugs is supposed to reduce the number of prisoners it is only going to raise it. People are now going to be in prison for more harsh crimes than drugs. This can include theft, abuse, and murder. 

People are going to get their legal fix then they are going to want more. People will do whatever they have to do to get more. This could end in many different ways all ending up back in prison. 

Overall, the evidence shows that all drugs should not be legalized. If all drugs are legalized it is going to end in more crime than when they were not legalized. Legalizing drugs is going to result in more drug users overall.


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