Keeping up with social media trends and all of the social media apps can most definitely be an overwhelming desire today. Why not add one more to the list?


TikTok has rapid trends where people are going out of their way to create the most creative short video with hopes to go viral overnight. People now spend hours learning dances, redoing voice-overs and sometimes risking a lot to catch the right angle.


Instagram is a constant fight of who has the most aesthetically pleasing feed, engagement and following. Everyone wants their Instagram game to constantly be in first place. This can cause people not to wear the same outfit twice, take a billion photos just to post one and strive to be labeled as perfect. 


Lemon8 is the newest social media app and I am here for it. Lemon8 is like a beautiful blend of Pinterest and Instagram collaborating. This app has already grabbed the attention of many social media influencers and those trying to see what it is all about. 


I love Pinterest for inspiration and ideas but sometimes it can be repetitive. This new app is like a refresh of Pinterest but with a community base of like-minded people that you would get from something like Instagram and Tiktok. 


Lemon8 is a social media app that shares aesthetically pleasing series of photos or carousels and videos on a topic of one story. However, seeing the beautiful created posts can be a little intimidating and hard to keep up with. 


The app has many topics to choose from on what the user is interested in seeing. The home page shows topics like fashion, beauty, wellness, travel and many more. 


The app also has a “For You Page” that is similar to the TikTok feature which people all love. What a person engages with, a person is most likely to receive more of. 


There is so much creative freedom with it and being able to share more than one topic, use pretty fonts and designs and share freely without the pressure to be niche, but you can only post so many times. It is similar to creating an Instagram story but with a Canva integration which I am sure the abilities on the app will only expand. 


I created an account a few weeks ago and honestly have yet to create a post but I do think it will be fun to use as another creativity outlet once my schedule loosens up during the summer. 


Lemon8 reminds me of a digital diary with zero pressure to strive for attention. 


It will be interesting to see how it takes off within the next months for people, content creators and business.

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