Dear Editor:

Supporters of stem cell research hope Missouri’s disabled voters will make their way to the polls on November 7th. If not, a flood of campaign cash may decide the nation’s closest Senate race.

As conservative columnist Robert Novak noted in a recent column: “Missouri polls show this race on the razor’s edge between Sen. Jim Talent (R) and state Auditor Claire McCaskill (D). Talent, however, has more than 15 times as much cash (emphasis added) in his own campaign account for the home stretch–$4.2 million to $250,000.â€Â*

However, Missouri also has 889,917 voters with a disability**—21.4% of the voting public. Disabled folks like my paralyzed son Roman tend to vote Democratic, and overwhelmingly support stem cell research.

If wheelchair drivers turn out in substantial numbers, even a tidal wave of money won’t keep the anti-research Talent in power.

Thank you,

Don C. Reed Chair,

Californians for Cures

*Evans-Novak Political Report, October 18, 2006

**American Association of People with Disabilities, U.S. Census 2000.

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