Dear Editor,

This is my first semester at MWSU, and I am looking forward to graduation with a degree in Social Work.

I’m sure you receive many letters of compliant about the limited parking on campus, but this one is different from the others.

I recently received two violations for parking in reserved parking areas for faculty members. The citations are currently on appeal and should be overturned due to legal justification.

However, through this ordeal I did learn that faculty members have reserved parking. Why is that?

Why can faculty members park in student areas, but students can not park in faculty areas?

As students we pay good money to the college for our education. Many students have work loans that rival and exceed many faculty members.

Part of the student’s tuition covers the many benefits of going to a large campus area.

But faculty members get paid to park closer to their office and students have to pay to park further from our office.

I have the utmost respect for professors and faculty members, but why do they get the privilege of parking closer to their office?

In this day and time one would think that all public actions and rules of discrimination by official public administrators would be extinct.

To treat faculty members as senior citizens or ones that are handicapped is outrageous.

There should be a review of the parking regulations on campus. If the policy of allowing faculty members to park closer than students remains, then we should divide the parking lots by how many credit hours a student has on their transcript. Or divide the parking lots by race, sex, religion, etc. Discrimination must end at MWSU by allowing “Equal Parking.â€Â

– Scott Buis

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