Dear Editor-in-Chief,

I am writing to let you know that the American Dream is alive and well thanks to our brave men and women in uniform overseas. When the World Trade Center buildings fell on 9/11, the American way was emboldened. America is thriving as the world’s superpower and is far from rotting.

The Republican toy, known as George W. Bush was elected because America wanted to get out of the immoral shadow that Bill Clinton had cast over it. Yea, I remember the good old days when Bill Clinton looked America in the face and lied to us. Is this what America wants?

Would we rather have an immoral president than one who will actually defend us? George Bush never deliberately lied. He was told by his intelligence that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

President Bush’s ratings may be bad, but only because liberal news stations plaster our television screens with negative reports of how or soldiers are being killed.

These news stations try as hard as they can to hide the success of the war on terror.

Successes like millions of Iraqis and Afghanis being saved from brutal regimes, and having a chance to vote and experience freedom.

America hasn’t been attacked in five years, and Bin Laden is hiding in a cave. Maybe if President Clinton would have killed Bin Laden when he had the chance to, we wouldn’t have experienced 9/11.

And yes Clinton did have the chance, this is fact.

This war is a war that has to be fought now, and President Bush has decided to take the fight to the enemy.

Radical Islam knows no boundaries.

There goal is to create a world of tyranny where freedom no longer exists. Lets say a Democrat is elected in 2008 and they withdrawal our troops. Will this make the terrorist leave us alone?

I think not. We didn’t ask for this war, it was brought to us on our front door step by cowards who hate our western culture and the freedoms that we enjoy.

With every war comes sacrifice. The question is: Are we willing to make sacrifices in order to protect our nation?

Ask our military men and women who are fighting if this war is worth it. They’re the ones who fight for your right to say you don’t believe in this country anymore! George Bush is not a mistake.

Brandon Boswell

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