Dear Editor,

In a recent letter to the editor, a student decried the fact that faculty have reserve parking. “I have utmost respect for professors…but why do they get the privilege of parking closer to their office?” Actually, respect could properly translate into allowing faculty to park closer to their offices, akin to addressing the professor as Doctor, but the author did not make this connection so I won’t.

Why would this student want to be closer to his classroom? Because it is more convenient; the “cost” of being further from the building would be greater. I assume this would be equally true for faculty (if you discount youth versus older faculty and creaky bones). And how many years would this student have to bear this cost? Four years? And how long would the faculty member have to bear this same cost? I am in my twenty-eighth year at Missouri Western. So, if this freshman were to graduate in four years, I would at that point have born 800% more pain than he. Contrary to the student’s charge of discrimination, it is just simple cost-benefit.

Patrick H. McMurry, Ph.D.

Chair, Dept of Economics

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