Chloe Earwood

Student athletes are treated the same in the classroom as normal students and are also treated the same when it comes to anything outside the court or field. I believe that student athletes should get special treatment when it comes to academics, food access and housing. Most Division II and below schools are the same. You go to class like everyone else and have to eat what is offered at the cafeteria, but at a lot of Division I schools you will find that athletes do get special treatment that make their life a lot easier.  

For example, Clemson's football team has a fueling station with healthy food options that is by their locker room so they can get food that actually is good for them. People might think this is minor or unnecessary, but as much as student athletes are on the go and grinding all the time the cafe food is not what is healthy to refuel your body. Athletes at upper division schools also have a separate location with tutors just to help them with any academic questions they might have or help on their homework. A lot of people would disagree with giving special treatment to athletes, but to be honest, student athletes at any school are doing five times more than the average student and having to be successful in all areas of their life. Having these resources are not unfair, but actually giving the athletes a better advantage to succeed.  

At Missouri Western, there are dorms by Beshears and Juda that are currently empty and believed to have been for a while. I think that turning those into all athlete dorms would be a great idea. I think having a lot of the athletes in one place is smart because we are all going on the same schedule and doing the same things. Living with non-athletes is hard because they are on a completely different schedule than you and might get frustrated with all of your early mornings and late night practices. At upper division schools, they have more access to housing that best fits them.  

Overall, I strongly believe that way more schools, that maybe aren’t Division I should be able to provide more amenities to student athletes because athletes aren't your normal kids on campus. They are doing more than your average student is doing and to provide some ways to make that easier should be instilled in more schools.  

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