The NCAA March Madness tournament has been the biggest college basketball experience since 1939. Last year it was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19 and the unforeseen circumstances that came with it. This year the NCAA is doing everything they can to make sure the games happen and are played safely. All of the mens' tournament games are being held in one bubble taking place in Indianapolis, IN. And the womens', in Dallas, TX. However, the womens' teams in the bubble aren’t receiving the recognition and facilities that the men are.

Multiple social media accounts from NBA and WNBA players, men and womens' college athletes and many more spoke out on the matter. NBA star Stephen Curry quote tweeted a video of the women talking about the differences, “Wow- come on now! @NCAA ya’ll trippin trippin."  Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant posted “Disrespectful come on man". 

It is important that these big-named athletes are speaking out against the inequality of NCAA Division I basketball. Since there are so many teams in each of the men and women’s bubble, not all of the squads are blessed with a full weight-room to utilize every day. With that being said, while the men get most of the equipment that a normal college would have during the regular season, the women were given yoga mats and a rack of dumbbells. It is absurd that 64 men’s teams get to utilize the best that the NCAA has to offer at this time and the women are getting nothing but an open space with a few 5-pound dumbbells.

Although the mens' tournament attracts more views and generates more revenue, there is no reason that the women’s teams don’t receive the same sort of treatment during their time in the bubble. The womens' teams work just as hard throughout the whole year as the men, and they deserve the same amount of respect and treatment.

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