Tori Hall

Were you aware that there are roughly 3.5 billion social media users worldwide? In this day and age, it is common for most of the population to have at least one social media outlet of interest.

Media is constantly expanding and reaching new levels of creativity making it accessible to almost every inhabitant of the world. During the pandemic alone, “TikTok” quickly became global. Originally the app had about 28 million users and now its numbers have reached over 600 million.

With that being said, it is important to raise the question of, “Is social media damaging our personal lives and relationships?” This is a question that everyone should consider and reflect on in their daily lives.

Personally, I do believe that social media has impacted not only the way we communicate with one another, but also how we form relationships and the way we define and maintain them. Though social media presents a great number of positives, as with everything, negatives do follow.

Social media allows us to stay connected and provides us with information regarding what is going on in the world, but it also works as a barrier between us and real human interaction. Not only that, but it displays a false version of reality making true, genuine relationships, friendly or romantic, hard to comeby. Because of this people rarely know how to communicate with another individual in a public setting whether that means approaching them or maintaining a steady conversation.

We’re also more likely to base the relationships we have with our partners off of one we follow online when truthfully, we have no idea how healthy the relationship is behind closed doors. In addition to that, social media can produce mental health issues like depression, and it can promote suicidal thoughts and other mood disorders due to the unrealistic expectations that it presents.

People often will feel a sense of unaccomplishment or even jealousy when comparing themselves or the relationships in their lives to the ones found on social outlets.

So, I am here to tell you to distance yourself from “Instagram” and “Twitter” every once in a while. Social media breaks are crucial in not only the development of our relationships, but the development of our minds and how connected we are with ourselves.

Take time to cater to you; make sure you surround yourself with genuine people and let them know you love them. Spend time with reality because while you’re scrolling through fantasy wishing your life was similar to your favorite influencer, you’re missing out on real wholesome connections and memories.

We’re not on Earth forever. Make an impact while you’re here.

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