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With the start of a new school year, many college students may consider joining a sorority or fraternity on campus. Getting involved on campus is an amazing way to adjust to the college lifestyle. Joining a sorority or fraternity can bring many positive opportunities into a college student's life.

One of the biggest benefits the sorority or fraternity lifestyle brings is the balance of social and academic support. Greek life helps get college students more involved on campus. Members of sororities and fraternities can agree that Greek life has made them feel more comfortable on campus and has also helped them develop close relationships with peers. Many sororities and fraternities base themselves on grades and academics; this gives students the opportunity to surround themselves with others who also value education. Sororities and fraternities also reward members who maintain good grades. According to NSHSS, “Other sororities and fraternities are actually based on academics and focus their membership on a certain academic focus like engineering or business. Spending time with like-minded peers could help you find other students to study with or to help you understand difficult course concepts”(NSHSS).

In addition to that, sororities and fraternities also have a huge impact on the community. If you choose to join a sorority or fraternity you will most likely be expected to participate in some sort of community service. Community service could include volunteering at a school to tutor children or even work on houses in need of repair. This community service is known to members of sororities and fraternities as philanthropy. 

“Some national organizations have their own philanthropy, like Sigma Alpha Iota and SAI Philanthropies, Inc. Smaller chapters may align with a local charity like a food bank, or a larger organization like Relay for Life or Habitat for Humanity. This year at UW - Madison, Greeks raised $140,000 for The Boys and Girls Club of Dane County and Dane County Chapter of United Cerebral Palsy”(Barton).

Greek life can also help college students develop transferable skills that will ultimately help them in life after college. Many students go into college not completely sure of themselves. Sororities and fraternities can help an individual develop leadership skills as well as professional skills. Many students who have chosen to go into Greek life can agree that it has helped them to come out of their shells. The ability to work with others and socialize with others is a skill that members will be able to utilize and capitalize on in virtually any situation life throws at them.

“What do 85% of the executives of Fortune 500 companies and 80% of United States Presidents since 1900 have in common? According to the Fraternity Advisor, they were all members of Greek organizations during college. Fraternity and sorority membership helps young men and women cultivate leadership skills, gain a sense of social identity, and learn to play well with others” (TBS).

Finally, sororities and fraternities have a long-lasting effect on college students who choose to join Greek life. Many people who were in sororities or fraternities in college can say that they met their lifelong friends while in a sorority or fraternity on campus. In addition to long-lasting friendships, sororities and fraternities provide college students the opportunity to have a bond with other members who are in greek life or even alumni of greek life. This bond can be helpful in future networking for internships or even jobs.  

“There are currently more than nine million alumni of fraternities and sororities working out there in the real world. Joining one of these organizations makes you a member of an exclusive club. This membership affords you an instant connection with any other members of that club. As you advance in your college education and your career, these connections can become increasingly valuable for landing interviews, listing references, or getting letters of recommendation”(Barton). 


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