It was a rough night for Kansas City fans on February 7th, 2021. 

The game we had all been waiting for was anything but super. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs took on Tom Brady and the Buccaneers for Super Bowl LV. The Bucs would end up winning 31-9 after a hard-fought game by the Chiefs.

You could blame the loss on many things, but there's a few that really stuck out. For starters Kansas City was missing their starting right and left tackle, which is a crucial role for a football team. This showed all night as Mahomes was left scrambling down field on almost every possession. 

The Chiefs had just nine points on the board all game, this included no touchdowns. This is very unusual for Kansas City, as they are known as one of the most explosive offenses in the league. Also a crucial part for how they’ve come this far in the first place.

With Mahomes under pressure, it's very hard to get the ball to your key offensive weapons so that they can produce points. Which in this case led to only nine points, all field goals. 

Penalties were huge as well in this game. Kansas City gave up 11 penalties which caused the Buccaneers to gain 120 extra yards off just flags alone. 

Just to make things worse, Andy Reid’s son, who is a member of the Chiefs coaching staff. Was involved in a drunk driving incident on February 5th, just two days before the big game. In the crash involving multiple cars there were two young children that were injured severely. This could definitely make a change in the head coaches demeanor towards the game. Not something you want happening two days before the biggest game of the year.  

Kansas City may not have ‘Run it Back”, but it was all in all still a great season. Us as Kansas City fans can look back on this one, and hope it never happens again.  

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