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For some time now, I, like many people in our nation, contemplated the seemingly uncontrollable death spiral this country heads. I, like everyone else, could claim some master plan or knowledge of some secret evil causing these events to transpire, but I know better than to flatter myself in such mundane ways. The truth is, the problem with our country stares all of us right in the face every day. Behind every corner, Americans see the way out of this predicament only to run, panicked, in the opposite direction. The problem, of course, is our natural fallibility.

Now, before 99% of you fly into a blind rage about something stupid, allow me to clarify; utopianism is impossible. The problem is that we as a nation keep pursuing this sense of perfectionism without taking our natural imperfections into account, creating an endless loop of logical fallacies.

Upon further examination, the problem only continues to appear grimmer. Through decades of persistent continuation of the aforementioned cycle, new age wokeism has crept into the spotlight of our national ideology and culture. Those who support this self-victimizing mind-virus claim it supports "awareness of unfairness in the treatment of others" (Karson), and, truth be told, they are correct on a surface level; however, this moderate viewpoint stands in stark contrast to the mainstream ideology. Supporters of wokeism on the national stage adamantly call for the abolition of "western thought" and "whiteness," claiming that ideas such as time management, personal responsibility and the nuclear family are somehow inherently racist. As self-described "expert on race" sociology professor, Jessie Daniels put it, "What I've learned is that the white-nuclear family is one of the most powerful forces supporting white supremacy."

The truth is, wokeism is the sole contributor to all of the problems we face as a nation. wokeism is the complex result of self-aggrandizing garbage that comes about through "compromise" and "patience." wokeism is a mechanism for people to misbehave, underperform, and fail in every facet of their lives without ever taking responsibility for their actions. wokeism enables the weak-minded and useless of society to blame everyone else for the problems they created for themselves using labels of racism, sexism, homophobia and every other pathetic excuse in the book to silence those who stand in opposition to them. wokeism is, itself, racist.

When the Covid-19 pandemic began, world health leaders informed churchgoers and families that they were murdering their neighbors every time they gathered for worship or met for supper. In California, under the leadership of Gov. Gavin Newsom, police arrested pastors who held church services for "violating Covid mandates" and shut down small businesses in the name of "health" (MSN.com). However, when Black Lives Matter (BLM) fanatics began rioting in the streets in the name of justice for the late George Floyd, Covid apparently decided to take a nap and stop killing people, but only for those who supported the BLM protests. Anyone who denounced the burning of buildings and killing of innocents were branded with the racist label and as vile lunatics.

America is on the brink of collapse from this insane rhetoric. We are at the point where nobody on either side feels like they tolerate each other as human beings, and it's only getting worse. The elites of society seem rather interested in further pushing us down this pit of despair which could have something to do with the massive amount of money they make off of our chaos.

As I said, I'm not a utopianist, and anyone who is needs their head checked. However, I do believe that humanity can be kind, considerate and filled with empathy for one another. In order to find this in ourselves, we must abandon the foolish idea of perfectionism and embrace the idea of beauty in fallibility. If we give in to wokeism and the lies it perpetuates, we damn ourselves to a future of failure, violence and rage.

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