Chloe Earwood

Chloe Earwood

As the world keeps spinning while the pandemic is slowing down, things have changed. This past year has been challenging for many people with COVID-19.  Recently things have started to look promising with many of the counties lifting the mask mandate and people going back to their normal lives.  Although COVID-19 is still a concern for some, I have gotten into many arguments about wearing a mask versus not wearing a mask. With the new release of the vaccine, many people believe that it should still be a requirement to wear a mask if you’re healthy.  As an athlete, I get tested for COVID-19 weekly and yet I have to wear my mask everywhere, except for my room. I constantly am wondering when my normal will be restored. At some point we have to take a step in the right direction and give people the choice to choose to wear one or not. 

If the masks do what they claim to do, what researchers and scientists say, then the people who feel unsafe or at risk should wear them, but for people who have already had COVID-19 and are perfectly healthy should be allowed to have a choice, and work to get back to that normal standard. I think freedom of choice is important, especially now that there is a vaccine.  Everyone went through the quarantine last year and followed the mask mandate up until now. The vaccine was all people were preaching about so we could fight COVID-19 as well as not wear a mask, but now that it’s here, the mask mandate in many places is still in effect. I know from personal experience almost all of my friends (including me) don’t wear masks the “correct” way, with the correct way to wear it being over your nose. Outside of that, I see people wear it on their chin or below their nose all of the time, so how much help is the mask really doing?

As an athlete, we are required to wear them on the sidelines and get tested weekly, but in practice, games or any physical activity we don’t have to wear them. I sometimes feel like it is contradicting because I am sweating and touching my teammates in practice without a mask, but have to wear one as soon as I am done. It is difficult for me to understand that logic especially if I test negative week after week.    

I am not saying that everyone should not wear a mask, I am simply saying that the freedom of choice to do what you want is what is needed. If you feel unsafe, wear a mask or stay inside. If you are okay with going out in public without one then go for it. These types of daily decisions are not ones that the government should be making, but ones you should be making based on your health. This is all an opinion though and if you choose to not wear a mask, please respect others' decisions to wear a mask as I hope they would respect yours. 

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