Morgan Doyle

Everyone should have a plant in their room. I have six, and honestly I would love to have even more. Does that make me a plant nerd? Of course it does, but that’s totally fine by me. There’s actually lots of research to back up why people should have houseplants, with the main ones being better air quality, stress relief and decoration. 

Let’s start with better air quality. We all learned in junior high science class that plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, and that’s exactly what houseplants will do, too. On top of this, lots of plants absorb harmful toxins or gases. They’ll absorb those toxins to help in their process of producing oxygen. So, they take in the bad stuff and just leave you with the good stuff.

I didn’t become a plant nerd until recently, and I wish I would’ve heard about houseplants sooner. I live off campus this year, but I had lived in the dorms for the previous three years here at Missouri Western. And let me tell you, I could’ve used some plants in there. 

While I might not know what each individual dorm room looks like for all of you, my rooms were not great quality. I remember there being mold on the ceilings all three years which I was probably breathing in. My freshman year, our bathroom would flood once a month and there was a stench that came from the constantly soggy carpeting. And my parents were always disgusted on move-in day when they saw the old, dust- and rust-covered air filters on the vents.

Needless to say, I could’ve benefited from a plant in my dorm room the last three years. A quick Google search will show you what plants are best for purifying the air, with some being snake plants, english ivy and spider plants.

Secondly, plants provide stress relief. While it might seem the other way around if you’ve never had a plant before, studies show that taking care of a plant for just a couple minutes a day can reduce the feeling of stress and anxiety. And let's face it, we're all pretty stressed this semester.

Lastly, plants make fun decorations. There are so many houseplants to choose from that it really can add personality to any room. Not to mention the super cute planters you can buy to pot them in.

If you’re not a plant person and don’t even know where to start, I recommend a snake plant. They look super cool and are by far one of the easiest plants to take care of. They do well in low-lit conditions, so it would be just fine in the corner of your dorm room. They also require almost zero care. I water mine maybe once a month, tops. Snake plants have been known to thrive on neglect, so it’s perfect for a busy college kid. And let’s not forget that they’re one of the plants that helps purify the air.

On top of this, snake plants come in so many different colors and varieties. Just find a pot that matches your dorm decor, put some rocks in the bottom for drainage, add some dirt and plop your plant right in there. Boom, you’re a plant person now.

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