The MIAA announced recently that their postseason conference volleyball tournament will take place in St Joseph this year. Eight of the best teams from this highly competitive conference will play at the St Joseph Civic Arena in November. The official host will be the St Joseph Sports Commis… READ MORE

By: Harry Loomis While the record doesn’t look great, the Missouri Western women’s soccer team seems to be turning a corner. After a very solid weekend, which saw them tie against Wayne State and defeat Sioux Falls, the team currently sits at 1-2-1 after two weeks of action.  While they didn’t score their first goal […] READ MORE

For the past three years, including this one, Missouri Western football has started the season 4-2, and for the past two years, they ended 4-7. Call me insane, but I think this year will be different. There’s a certain aura in the GISC. An aura of winning, of potential, of pride. If you think the […] READ MORE

The MLB regular season is winding down, bringing with it the end of the season for the Kansas City Royals. I know this comes as a shock to most of you, but the 54-102 Royals will not be making the playoffs this year. It has been a rough season for the Royals. It started in […] READ MORE

Missouri Western sports teams have now added a few weeks under their belt, and now, there’s a big enough sample size for me to size them up. Let’s start with Griffons soccer, my own personal beat. This is a team that shouldn’t be 4-2, and that isn’t even a bad record. If there’s one thing […] READ MORE

It’s a big, big world out there. I think a lot of times, it’s easy for us to look at the world through a certain lens; a lens that is convenient for us. We get used to only seeing what is right in front of us for so long that we forget that there is […] READ MORE

Missouri Western over the past few years has made a number of renovations and additions to the sports buildings on campus, most with positive feedback, but is it worth it? The biggest addition recently was the video board, added at Spratt Stadium. Without the video board, I would have to record football practice with a […] READ MORE

Just like all good things must come to an end, my time as the Griffon News sports editor is now officially over. Yes, I know. You’re all probably popping your champagne bottles in your dry campus dorms. I’m very self aware of how much my articles are disliked by at least half of the athletic […] READ MORE

I’ll say it right now: the Kansas City Chiefs will not only make the playoffs, they will be one of the most dominant teams in the AFC Conference. It’s really simple. For the last couple of seasons, the Chiefs have consistently been one of the better teams in the league. Ever since Andy Reid took […] READ MORE

With a another losing season guaranteed, the Missouri Western men’s basketball team somehow still has a shot at competing in the MIAA Conference tournament. If the Griffons make the tournament, I wouldn’t be too terribly surprised as they have been in close games all season long. In fact, I bet there’s a parallel universe where […] READ MORE

The Missouri Western athletic department should consider starting a wrestling program if it wants to consider itself as one of the broadened and standout departments in the MIAA Conference. With the emergence of a successful track and field team, Western needs to start a wrestling program to pull in more student athletes. There would be […] READ MORE

While it may have been another average week sports wise at Missouri Western — besides the fact baseball season is officially here, thank goodness — nothing much has changed, and that’s not a good thing. While Western’s new track and field team has been killing it as of lately, they are still practicing inside of […] READ MORE

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Missouri Western securing the Kansas City Chiefs for another year of training camp, and this is the best thing this school has done in a long while. With only a few select sports for Western to hang its hat on, there isn’t much to attract outsiders to St. Joseph, Missouri. Well, unless they want to […] READ MORE

For the second year in a row, Missouri Western football ended the season on a five game losing streak, as they lost to Northwest 30-0. It was almost eery how similar this season was to last year. Both teams started with a promising 4-2 record, but would then lose out to end both seasons at […] READ MORE

With the football program not giving too much information, one can only speculate why stud running back Josh Caldwell was dismissed from the team late in the season. Or wait, was it mutually agreed upon? No, it was a mutual dismissal, according to head coach Matt Williamson, whatever that means. Either way, Caldwell, who was […] READ MORE

Coaching college football can be so rewarding, and coaching college football can be so demoralizing. The Griffons just wrapped up a season in which they went 4-7 — their worst record since going 5-6 in 2004. The man who has run the football program at Missouri Western for 20 years now, even after one of […] READ MORE

Being a college student is hard. You spend countless hours each week writing papers, studying for tests and working on assignments. It’s the same for college athletes, except you add 2-3 hours of practice each day, working out and then doing all the things the non-athletes do. For these athletes though, there aren’t many things […] READ MORE

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Being a college student is hard. You spend countless hours each week writing papers, studying for tests and working on assignments. It’s the s… READ MORE

It was a challenging season for the Griffons this past fall. They are heading into next season with the possibility of having to rebuild at several positions. However, there are also some positions that look to be stacked and primed to improve from this past season. On defense, the linebacker is losing decorated player Yomi […] READ MORE

Missouri Western is not a Division I school. It does not have Division I enrollment. It does not have Division I facilities. It does not have Division I talent. It never has, it never will. That being said, Missouri Western athletics represents the University and every student and faculty member that has ever occupied it, just like every other University. In reality, there […] READ MORE

Western has had a disappointing season, there is no question about it. Northwest Missouri State rolls into Spratt Stadium with an undefeated record and top-3 national ranking. Western is reeling off back-to-back losses and sits with a 4-4 record. They have injuries at quarterback. Their star running back has a fumbling problem. Their offense has […] READ MORE

Following Saturday’s 21-7 homecoming loss to Washburn, all Missouri Western has left to play for is pride. After a game where the offense could only muster 245 yards of total offense including just 74 yards through the air, the Griffons now sit at three losses. A group that returned so much talent on each side of […] READ MORE

*Due to website server issues, we were unable to get a game story up after the UCM loss. I am sure you have have read plenty on how the game went and that the Griffons opened the season in a 0-1 hole following a 18-17 loss to the Mules. This column represents my takeaways from […] READ MORE

Change is really scary for a lot of people, but when there is a possible change in the professional sports world, sports junkies go completely insane.   However, there are some changes that need to be made, but seem to be constantly overlooked by major sports organizations, such as constant drug violations.   Finally, a […] READ MORE

I’m sure you have been ice skating at your local ice rink and have seen all the logos and banners of the local Bantam or Mighty Mites hockey teams that play there. There is hockey around us, but why does no one talk about it? Well, the answer to that is most likely the lack […] READ MORE