The MLB regular season is winding down, bringing with it the end of the season for the Kansas City Royals. I know this comes as a shock to most of you, but the 54-102 Royals will not be making the playoffs this year. It has been a rough season for the Royals. It started in […] READ MORE Let the young kids play

The Missouri Western athletic department should consider starting a wrestling program if it wants to consider itself as one of the broadened and standout departments in the MIAA Conference. With the emergence of a successful track and field team, Western needs to start a wrestling program to pull in more student athletes. There would be […] READ MORE Dishing it out with Derek: Club sports

While it may have been another average week sports wise at Missouri Western — besides the fact baseball season is officially here, thank goodness — nothing much has changed, and that’s not a good thing. While Western’s new track and field team has been killing it as of lately, they are still practicing inside of […] READ MORE Dishing it out with Derek: Off track

Being a college student is hard. You spend countless hours each week writing papers, studying for tests and working on assignments. It’s the same for college athletes, except you add 2-3 hours of practice each day, working out and then doing all the things the non-athletes do. For these athletes though, there aren’t many things […] READ MORE When Griffons win everyone wins

Missouri Western is not a Division I school. It does not have Division I enrollment. It does not have Division I facilities. It does not have Division I talent. It never has, it never will. That being said, Missouri Western athletics represents the University and every student and faculty member that has ever occupied it, just like every other University. In reality, there […] READ MORE Western needs to bleed black and gold

Western has had a disappointing season, there is no question about it. Northwest Missouri State rolls into Spratt Stadium with an undefeated record and top-3 national ranking. Western is reeling off back-to-back losses and sits with a 4-4 record. They have injuries at quarterback. Their star running back has a fumbling problem. Their offense has […] READ MORE Column: Northwest Week

Following Saturday’s 21-7 homecoming loss to Washburn, all Missouri Western has left to play for is pride. After a game where the offense could only muster 245 yards of total offense including just 74 yards through the air, the Griffons now sit at three losses. A group that returned so much talent on each side of […] READ MORE Column: Playing for pride