Sophomore Jeffrey Johnston attempting a put.

Missouri Western Golf is nearing the end of the first half of their 2022-23 season with the women placing fourth and the men placing ninth. 

Looking at their first half, the women’s team has adjusted well after losing multiple teammates over the summer break. 

One team member who has risen to the occasion is junior Julie Hofmanova. After achieving a conference golfer of the week nod at the beginning of the season, she feels like she has risen to the occasion. 

“[Allycia Gan] has always been like the number one. But now like I can like, kind of like gratefully say that I feel like I kind of like stepped up,” said Hofmanova. “I know that all the rest of the girls are like really good players, too. I don't think that I'm better than them. I'm just like mentally strong now.”

The women’s team action came in their second to last competition of the fall at the Midwest Fall Classic in Maryville Oct 17-18 

One big factor for them was the freezing cold temperatures of fall sweeping the area. Not to forget, that cold front coming in from Mozingo Lake. 

Head men’s and women’s golf coach Matt Thrasher talked about the struggles in dealing with the cold. Mentioning how players try to bundle up, but be ready to shed layers in order to get the movement needed in swinging the club. 

Although the normal person would want all the hot chocolate they could handle in that situation, golfers can struggle in making sure they stay adequately hydrated. Sitting some of the most desired warm beverages to the side for sports drinks to make sure they don’t cramp up. 

The men competed in their last competition of the fall in the Newman Men’s Fall Invitational Oct 17-18. 

They have had better showings then their most recent showing in Wichita. Marius Dosiere had the best finish of the whole group with tying for 15th out of the over 85 individuals in the match. 

With the cold temperatures and tying a bow on fall play comes time these Griffons get to use a new tool. 

Over the summer following the departure of former head coach Greg Dillon, it was announced that he would oversee an installation of a state of the art golf simulator. 

The golfers will need to blow the dust off some components, but they’ll be ready for when that time comes. 

“Well, definitely this offseason, it's gonna be huge, especially during the winter time,” said Johnston. “Since we can't play outside, it's gonna be huge playing inside and keep our game sharp. So I think for that it's gonna be very beneficial to help us come out with a really strong spring.”

Missouri Western women’s golf has one more match in Claremore, Oklahoma on Oct 24-25 for the Hillcat Classic. The men are done competing for the fall as of now. The first half of their 2022-23 season is coming to close. These Griffons will wait through winter and come out in the spring for the last half.


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