Gonzalez against Creighton

Johnni Gonzalez against Creighton on Oct 26. The Kansas City native matched her season high point total from the game before with six against Truman State. 

The Missouri Western women’s basketball team bounced back this week in a big win over Truman State, 81-72, on Nov 16. This game marks their first win at home this season and their record now sits at 3-2.

Coming off of a loss against Augustana on Saturday, the Griffons finally returned back to St. Joseph after 280 days in their home opener against the Truman State Bulldogs. To celebrate their return, the game started with the unveiling of their Elite Eight banner from the previous season. 

The first quarter began evenly matched. The Griffons started out shaky, falling two points behind the Bulldogs, 21-19. Brionna Budgetts, who was coming off an impressive game against Augustana, and forward Mary Fultz both put up multiple points for the Griffons in the first quarter.

Truman State Senior guard Hannah Belanger was a headache for the Griffons. Belanger, the speedy five foot eight guard, scored nine points in the first quarter and 25 points overall on the night.

After the rocky beginning, the Griffon finally shook out their nerves and began playing stellar defense. They held the Bulldogs to just 12 points in the second quarter. However, the offense wasn’t connecting and only managed to score 15. At halftime, the Griffons were barely in the lead with a score of 34-33.

After halftime, the Bulldogs fought back. Only behind by one point, they out scored the Griffons in quarter three, 22-20. Budgetts and Clarke once again showed up big for the Griffon offensively. Camille Evans also captured seven points in the third quarter.

Even with a small Bulldogs comeback, they could not muster up enough to finish strong. The Griffons went into full gear putting up 27 points in the fourth quarter compared to the Bulldogs 10. Budgetts and Fultz put the pedal to the metal, scoring seven plus to secure the win, 81-72.

It was another big night for Budgetts once again. Budgetts put up 26 points and collected six rebounds. Clarke also made a big splash, flying around the court with 12 points, nine rebounds, four steals and three assists. Fultz also had impressive numbers, having a whopping seven assists and totalling 14 points. 

Next, Missouri Western heads back on the road to Liberty, Missouri on Monday, Nov 21st as they face William Jewel (1-3). The last contest between the two teams was back in Dec of last year. Missouri Western came out on top swimmingly, 98-34. 

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