The Griffon’s were knocked out of postseason contention over the weekend, going 0-2. An interesting starting lineup change shakes the weekend as Missouri Western searches for an elusive conference win.

No. 8 Lions (11-2) got a head start with scoring on Griffon goalie Kari Ham’s first collegiate start, beating the home team 18-8. Usual starter MacKenzie Porter was brought in in an attempt to stop the bleeding. Lidenwood’s fast pace offense was unfortunately at full effect by this time. 

Despite the loss, freshman Sam Pruitt scored her fourth hat trick of the season. Madison Brady also scored two goals against this tough adversary. 

Freshman stand out Pruitt is not hanging her head after this loss. 

“I’m really proud of the teamwork we had, that was one of the best games we’ve played,” said Pruitt. “We had a better point differential against them, and I’m really proud of that”. 

Important to note that Lidenwood was never going to be an easy task. They had only two losses on the season before coming to Missouri Western. They will also be elevated to Division I next season. 

The Bearcats (6-7) gave the Griffons a sour Sunday, defeating them 17-10. 

Griffon lacrosse original Jazmine Servance found the back of the net at the very beginning. This was her first goal since March 5, when Missouri Western played Colorado State University Pueblo. 

Morgan Nicholson completed her third three-goal game of the season in an attempt to defeat McKendree. 

Hallie Clark had her fifth goal of the season late into the fourth, trying to lessen the divide.

“We’ll play up to teams, and we’ll play down to teams,but these last few games have been super tough,” said Clark. “We knew we had to come out tough against them, unfortunately we didn't,” she continued, commenting on the lack to hit the gas against McKendree. 

The Griffons are out of the GLVC conference tourney with this tough weekend. 

First year head coach Jessica Berg is not deterred, knowing she’s at the helm of an incredibly young program.

“You can beat any team on any given day, but this one [McKendree] stings a bit more,” said Berg.

“We have to keep building this program. We’re looking forward to these last two games and turning this around.” 

Missouri Western is now 6-9 overall. Their next game will be Senior Night against Maryville on April 22. They’ll be set to honor Dachelle Johnson, Tamrin Swann, Amani Robinson, Morgan Nicholson and Mariyah Harper.

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