Janet at MIAA

Janet Nyamboneka ran a new personal record at the Central Regional run. Nyamboneka ran a time of 24:38.70.

The Missouri Western women’s cross country team competed in the Central Regional Championships in Joplin, Missouri this Saturday. They finished in 22nd place out of 35 teams competing.

Even with a 22nd place finish, there were many bright spots for the Griffons. Five out of the six Griffons who raced notched a new personal record. This is a great sign of improvement and development with the girls. 

The Griffons were led by Abby Kinney who finished in 71st place. Kinney notched a new personal record with a time of 22:24.58 Alexis Adams was the next finisher for the Griffons at 89th place. Adams’ finish of 22:45.46 was also good enough for a new personal record. 

Paige Kvale crossed the finish line in 107th place for Missouri Western. Her efforts also gave her a new personal record on her final run of the season. Kvales' final time was 23:03.09. Lillian Cutler’s time of 24:05.50 gave her 163rd place. 

Janet Nyamboneka finished shortly after Cutler in 178th place. Nyamboneka ran a new personal record with a time of 24:38.70. Claire Hemry was the final finisher for Missouri Western. Her 25:36.31 time was also good enough for a personal record. 

Five personal records is a victory in itself for the Missouri Western women’s cross country team. It makes it more impressive that the girls ran their best runs during a big stage. 

The only NCAA cross country event left is the division II national championships in Seattle, Washington.  The criteria to qualify for the national championships is rough, only time will tell if the Griffons will travel.

Missouri Western Cross Country Head Coach Cody Ingold clarified the national’s qualifying marks at the KFEQ Coaches Luncheon on Nov 14. 

“To qualify automatically, you need a top two individual finisher on a non-qualifying team.” said Ingold.

“You can also qualify by finishing as a top three team. I think Maddy Nash has a chance to qualify.” 

 There were some extreme bright spots for the Griffons this semester. The biggest being the first place finish at the SBU Bearcat Invitational in Bolivar, Missouri in the middle of October. 

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