Kameron Freemyer

Redshirt sophomore Kameron Freemyer missed last basketball season due to a serious injury causing her to medically redshirt. Freemyer had an extra bone in her foot which caused her lots of pain during practices and workouts.

“I was working out over the summer and was having some pain, and so I went to the doctor and found out that it had broken off,” Freemyer said.

She had to have surgery to get the extra bone removed due to the fact that it would tear her achilles. After the surgery, she began rehab only to begin having problems in her other foot.

“I have plantar fasciitis in that foot so I ended up doing treatments for that and I just ended up redshirting,” Freemyer said.

She spent a lot of her recovery process in a boot, crutches, and a lot of hard work and dedication to get back into playing again, only to begin practicing and having to go back to her boot.

“I got to practice for a while and then ended up back in the boot again and having a bunch of other treatments on both of my feet,” Freemyer said.

It was hard for Freemyer to spend the 2019-20 season having to recover and watch her teammates play.

“It was definitely a big challenge for me at first because I had never sat out in my life, but I think that it was a really good learning experience for me seeing the court from a different perspective. I think it helped me learn a lot more about basketball,” Freemyer said.

Freemyer is all recovered, prepared and amped-up for the 2020-21 season.

“I’m super excited to be playing this season. We had a scrimmage last week and I had the time of my life. This was the first time that I stepped on a court in over a year. It felt great,” Freemyer said.

Freemyer is looking forward to getting back out there on the court, playing with her teammates and using those skills to make up for that lost time.

She suffered a lot of adversity during that time period but didn’t let that stop her.

“Change your perspective. Don't think of it as ‘oh I’m injured’, think of it as a learning opportunity and still think that you can help your team out in different ways like taking stats and encouraging, just change your perspective,” Freemyer said.

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